14aug20 / 1605z LEBL-LEPA-LGAV

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    EasyJet A320
  • Route:
  • Time of Departure:
  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    I will DM all the signups for the climb profile and other such info.

Can you sign me up for this?

Yes, thank you! We are departing in 5 mins so spawn in at LEBL Terminal 1 gate 232

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Hi! That’s a very nice event indeed! I would surely join if I wasn’t in a flight.

Please change your title according to the New Category - Group Flights

Please include a title for your event and the airport it will begin at.

Just a head up I might not be able to do the final leg.

oops, sorry about that. i forgot!

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Ok, I can do it myself.

Can you invite me to the PM?

Sure thing!

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