[149 attended][Partnered with AFKLM and DLVA] Huge EHAM fly-out: KLM 100th anniversary @EHAM 051830ZOCT19

I will take D29 to Lisbon

I’ll take this gate. My callsign will be KLM 641. Thanks!

E3 KDTW A330-300 (A350 if released) Delta Detroit

Wow, looks like a wonderful event! Sadly I have school on that Monday. :(

Sorry, didn’t notice that this event is on a Monday. I can’t attend 🙁

E3 KDTW A330-300 (A350 if released) Delta Detroit I will take this my user name is IFC-UnitedGuy19 and call sign will be Delta190


What will your callsign be?


Added you!!

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Hi girl,
Gate C16 B737 to Marseille LFML for me please?

Ahhh. you…
You are in

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Don’t mind you choose one

HV5951 is for you

So sorry I didn’t saw it s a Monday so I can’t

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S72 Martinair ro Miami please. AFKLM007.
Thanks Emiel, great event!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen

Due to the Volume of people that can not join due to school we are moving the event to Saturday. please PM me or @Emiel_l if you wish to change your gate or cancel or sign up. the time will remain the same. * 05th OCT 1830z* is the new date. sorry if any inconvenience is caused

@Lucas_Piedra @anon45500775 @Omar_DeWindt @Will_A @Chase_Smith1 @Matt777 @Manav_Suri @Krypton @Adam_Goodman @Dylan_M @United2 @UnitedGuy19 @BadPlane @Pilot_urp


Due we are moving this event to Saturday 5th October (2 days before the anniversary) I want to hear from everyone who signed up allready, If they want to:
-stay at their gate
-move to another gate, and if yes, what gate
-can’t participate anymore.
I really hope we get a lot more sign ups and make the event even better.


I so want to come to this event
But I’ll see if I can maybe I will come


I am still joining!

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Okay!! thank you!!

I’d like a gate to the Carribean…
But I see no gate

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