[149 attended][Partnered with AFKLM and DLVA] Huge EHAM fly-out: KLM 100th anniversary @EHAM 051830ZOCT19

Okay. Will change

what will your new callsign be @ChrisToxz?

Hello! Can I have EHAM-HECA??? Martainair MD-11 at R77? Also I am a trainee AFKLM pilot (AFKLM116)

You are in!!

Gate G7 to Jakarta please GAVA002

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Your in G7!


Have we got any flights to EGBB?

we do not sadly.

Ill take the E190 to Leeds

Can I have a gate please
The event is on Monday so I’m not sure if I will be able to attend the event, but just in case

Gate: R80
Destination: EDDF
Aircraft: MD-11F
Airline: Ethiopian
City: Frankfurt
IFC name: @joslleymiguel_holand
Callsign: AFKLM014

Last thing, no needs to send me a flight plan please, thank you.


What will your callsign be @Zak_Plant?

No Tui flights?

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Klm 1541. Proper callsign not a private one

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Hey there,
Is it I AFKLM140 and I would want gate R71 please

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@Manav_Suri If you come up with a good TUI flight I can add it.

Your in @Krypton

1010, thanks.

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KLM 1010? @ChrisToxz

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yesss KLM 1010

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Allright. you are in!!