148th Fighter Wing F-16CM

Picture by Tomás Del Coro via Wikimedia Common

Hello IFC, I’m requesting the addition of the 148th Fighter Wing livery for the F-16 Falcon to Infinite Flight. I would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight as this squadron is based in my home state and I would love to fly an aircraft from around here.

F-16 Falcon:
The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft General Dynamics Lockheed Martin for the United States Air Force. Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Over 4,600 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976.

Interesting read, eventually these F-16s might be replaced with the F-35 Lightning, but in the mean time as these are still active, I would love to see them in the simulator! :)

I love that bulldog on the tail!!