145kt Wind

I just spent over two hours of log time in a Dash 8 approaching KCLT on final and was forced to ground under power by a 145 knot wind. What the heck was that? Also, since I crashed, did I just lose my logged time? It’s bad enough that even A380’s get slopped around like an old woman, but a 145kt wind on approach?


Welcome to the forum even though you have been here since may 15!!! I have never seen this before but it’s very unusual @david is with technical support so maybe he can help if nobody else can

I can confirm this, I just made my casual approach at Charlotte when suddendly I was at 350 Airspeed with 150 knots headwind. For being in a 777 I was hardly able to hold my airplane and even land it, but I got 6 AS violations (none on ground) whichcaused me to lose my beloved grade 4. My reaction was aswell: What the Heck was that after ending flight.

Don’t worry about your time though, unless your app crashed it still got logged.

Somebody will need to do some overtime removing all those unjustified violationd caused by a bug.



This can help you, this pretty common now…

It actually happened in London aswell. it’s when the weather data gets pulled incorrectly. Is pretty annoying when you don’t know about it flying into it, but can be really fun when flying in it for fun.

In London there was once a windspeed over 1000 :P

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I just call it a micro burst… In real aviation, it hard to detect it anyways…

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It’s on a too big area but I get the idea :P Also microburst normally pull and drag you in many different directions, not just one.

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Really? C’mon.


Spawned and took off

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I came and flew my A380 and then I came back with an E175 and the winds were gone.

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Are the winds gone?

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Yes they are :(

Non-sexual reference man.

I was in a 777-200 on final to RWY 36R at KCLT when the winds arrived. They reached 189kts for me, although guttingly I was caught unawares by them, exceeded the 250kts limit, got a violation and demoted to a Grade 3. I presume that was a technical issue :(

It’s odd indeed, but happens on rare occasion. It’s a reporting error from the related weather station, or temporary system glitch when the weather updates. Nothing to worry about. We are aware of these strange occurrences. Most of the time it’s a brief issue and often restarting device power helps.


Surprisingly enough I got promoted to grade 4 for bouncing around.


@david Would you mind removing the violations I got by this surprise wind attack?
(@AtomicHerbster4 got some too as stated above)

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Hi Nick, I see you around a lot on the servers. I agree, removal of violations would be nice because I pride myself on doing the best job I can when flying, so its incredibly annoying when this happened. Is there any way they can be removed?

Or would any of our @moderators be so friendly?

@matt and @philippe are responsible for the violations