1400 NM journey in Chicago [TS1]

Anyone wants to join I’m going to cruise round in Chicago region for a couple hours in a citation.


What server? Incase people actually do join.


That would help wouldn’t it. TS1


And a airport would help as well taking off from MKE

I tried to join you but the sim crashed

I see that. Not to late to join in at a closer airport. Bout to fly over KCMI

I’m going to come in a F/A 18 to escort you for a bit. Hope you like it.

I’m in my way now if your still doing it, I’ll be in a b777-300 my callsign is EK0006

On my way* sorry I was typing fast lol

Ok I’ve slowed down for catch-up and then back to .85@ 450000

I’m coming, just doing a casual Mach 1.5…

I’m in the south, don’t know if you see me or not, I’m coming though slowly but surely.

I see ya. Still at .67 for catch-up

I’m flying .80 I’m trying but I’m losing speed fast

We can drop it down to FL36?

My game crashed, I’ll try and come back.

I tried to get to 45000 but started spinning and losing speed, coming back in a citation at KDBQ

Ok. Still going Mach.67 for the time being

Could you reduce speed to around 260? I’m having a hard time flying 280 with this wind.

Nvm, my game crashed I’m not gonna try to join again, sry lol