[14 brave people attending][ Partnered with GAF] Protect The City @KNVY - KLSV-012000ZFEB20

Welcome to Protect The City

What’s operation Protect the city? Two teams will flight to protect the other team getting into their city. This fight is like a game of football if one fighter get into the other side (end-zone) the team gets a point. At the end whoever gets the most points will be crowd the winner.

Event Info:


Server: Causal

Blue Team Base: KVNY
Red Team base: KLSV

Flight role:

This Operation is a team dog-fighting exercise Blue and Red air will launch at the top of the hour, once you enter there’s no going back! The only going back is if you need fuel. Once you enter the ring you may start to fight. if you score a point you need to leave the ring and re-enter from your side to successfully score a point.

How to Defend:

Pilots are able to defend their areas by engaging incoming aircraft once they are 5nm from their aircraft. To score a confirmed splash your HUD should look like this.
Aircraft must be visible in your HUD for 10 seconds.



1. If you downed a pilot they must land at their base to re-enter the flight.
2.If your downed you must leave the airspace as quick as possible.
3.If there’s a plane coming through our airspace the fight is on hold till the plane passes
4. Fighting must happen at or above FL280
5.No speed restrictions
6.Cheating NOT allowed a will be kick out.
7. During the Event I’ll invite you to a PM which you should have it open throughout the Event.

Gates & FPL:

Gates KVNY

Hanger SW 01: @Pro_FS
Hanger SW 02:
Hanger SW 03:
Hanger SW 04:
Hanger SW 05:
Hanger SW 06:
Hanger SW 07:
Hanger Group 3 Avation 04: @Gabe_Z
Hanger Group 3 Avation 05: @BadPlane
Hanger Group 3 Avation 06: @Altaria55
Hanger Group 3 Avation 07: @Starz
Hanger Group 3 Avation 08: @Sebastian1
Hanger Group 3 Avation 09: @snoman
Hanger Group 3 Avation 10:
Hanger Group 3 Avation 11:
Hanger MP Aero 01:
Hanger MP Aero 02:
Hanger MP Aero 03:
Hanger MP Aero 04:
Hanger Aerolease 05:
Hanger Aerolease 06:
Hanger Aerolease 07:
Hanger Aerolease 08:
Hanger Aerolease 09:
Hanger Aerolease 10:
Hanger Aerolease 11:
Hanger Aerolease 12:
More gates will be added if necessary


KNVY KNID VCV BUGGA 03NV KNID L72 HUNEY 3442N/11555W 3544N/11555W

KLSV KNID VCV BUGGA 03NV KNID L72 HUNEY 3442N/11555W 3544N/11555W

Gates KLSV

Row 26/01 Deployed: @Voyager456
Row 26/02 Deployed:
Row 26/03 Deployed:
Row 26/04 Deployed:
Row 26/05 Deployed:
Row 26/06 Deployed:
Row 26/07 Deployed:
Row 34/1 Raptor Flight: @Mikey1974
Row 34/2 Raptor Flight: @ran
Row 34/3 Raptor Flight: @Sir_Baller
Row 34/4 Raptor Flight: @JamesQFA380
Row 34/5 Raptor Flight: @Aaron.C
Row 34/6 Raptor Flight:
Row 34/7 Raptor Flight:
Transient East Spot 1:
Transient East Spot 2:
Transient East Spot 3:
Transient East Spot 4:
Transient East Spot 5:
Transient East Spot 6:
LOLA South 1 Thunder Flight: @KGJT-9149
LOLA South 2 Thunder Flight:
LOLA South 3 Thunder Flight:
LOLA South 4 Thunder Flight:
LOLA South 5 Thunder Flight:
LOLA South 6 Thunder Flight:
More gates will be added if necessary

Sponsor: GAF-Global Air Forces


What a brilliant idea! I’ll see if I can make this!

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Which side you want. Blue or Red.? Aircraft?

I’m not quite sure if I can make it. I’ll let you know in this topic if I can.

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All good. Hope you can make it!

You really want to do this on Expert and Not Casual? (I smell Violations)

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Would you think random people will join and mess it up? Also it at FL280 and above ! :)

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Bravo Thomas the Pro!!! You know I’m all over this one! Sign me up on Red team!!!.. Yeah, might want to put it on Casual tho, this doesnt smell like violations… It REAKS of violations!!! 😝

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Signup✅ Need the Aircraft!

This Event Will be held on causal server!!

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Nice idea. I would like to sign up. Doesn’t matter which team I am on.

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@Gabe_Z Could you tell me the aircraft you want to fly?


F-22, please.

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Can I have this gate? Its a F-22

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I’m a f22 pilot!! I can fly the 16, but I’m proficient in the22

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This sounds great can there be practice before the game?!

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Can I join as a F22 Row 34/1 Raptor Flight at KLSV?

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can i come? Ill get back to you on the plane (I’d prefer the Spitfire MKll but you dont ahve that as an option), call sign 2CUPLEAN. I dont care what team

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All of you been signup

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@CPTMarzipan we can set that up! :)

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