(14 attending)Charlotte Douglas Fill up | Flyout | 272100ZJUL19

Charlotte Douglas Flyout event


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About Charlotte Douglas International

Charlotte is ranked the 11th busiest airport in the United States and it handles almost 50 million passenters annually.The reason why I chose this airport is because it is the second busiest hub for American Airlines and it has huge variety of destinations domesticallyand internationally

Event Information

Server: Expert
Airport: KCLT
Time and Date: 2019-07-27T21:00:00Z
▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before we start
▪ Respect Unicom and all other pilots
▪ You are responsible for your own flight plan and fuel
▪ More information will be given before the event
▪ Not all routes could’ve been added but if you want one that isn’t added just request it

Passenger Gates

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
A1 Delta 717-200 KATL @Ecoops123
A2A Delta Connection CRJ-700 KCVG @EJ1
A2D Delta 717-200 KMSP
A3 Delta 737-800 KJFK
A4 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KDTW
A5 Delta Connection E170 KMSP
A6 Delta A319 KATL
A7 Delta 737-800 KSLC @Delta319
A8 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KLGA
A9 Delta Connection CRJ-700 KCVG
A10A Delta Connection CRJ-900 KJFK
A11 Delta A319 KSLC
A12 United express CRJ-700 KORD
A12B United 737-900 KORD
A13 United 737-900 KDEN
A21 United A320 KIAH
A22 Jetblue E190 KBOS
A23 United 737-900 KEWR @A350iscool
A24 Southwest 737-700 KMDW @Zach007
A25 United express CRJ-700 KIAD
A26 Southwest 737-800 KBWI @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
A27 Spirit A321 KMCO
A28 Frontier A320 KDEN
A29 Air Canada express E175 CYYZ

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
B1 American A320 KMEM
B2 American A321 KDTW
B3 American 737-800 KTUL
B4 American A320 KDCA
B5 American A320 KPVD
B6 American 737-800 KBWI
B7 American 737-800 KATL
B8 American A321 KMCO @Fusion737Max
B9 American A320 KBUF
B10 American A321 KFLL
B11 American 737-800 KSDF
B12 American A321 KLAX
B13 American A321 KSAN
B15 American 737-800 KMIA
B16 American A321 KSFO

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
C2 American 737-800 KMIA
C3 American A321 KDFW
C4 American A320 KGSO
C5 American A320 KSMF
C6 American 737-800 KATL
C7 American A321 KPHX
C8 American A320 KRSW
C9 American 737-800 KMSY
C10 American A321 KLAX
C11 American A320 KCLE
C12 American A320 KPHL
C13 American A320 KBDL
C14 American A321 KORD
C15 American 737-800 KSYR
C16 American 737-800 KSTL
C17 American A321 KSEA
C18 American A320 KIAH
C19 American 737-800 CYYZ

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
D1 American 737-800 MDPC, @anon45500775
D2 American A320 MKJS
D3 Volaris A319 MMGL
D4 American 737-800 MUHA
D5 Anerican 737-800 TXKF
D6 American A321 MZBZ
D7 American A330 (Generic) LEMD @FlyAndCrash
D8 American 777-300ER EGLL @Adam_Goodman
D9 American 737-800 TNCM
D10 American A320 TKPK
D11 American A321 TNCC
D12 Lufthansa A330 EDDM @Captain_JR
D13 American 777-200ER LIRF

Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
E1 American Eagle CRJ-700 KLYH
E2 American Eagle CRJ-700 KHSV
E3 American Eagle CRJ-900 KTLH
E4 American Eagle CRJ-900 KXNA
E5 American Eagle CRJ-700 KLIT
E5A American Eagle CRJ-200 KSBY
E6 American Eagle CRJ-700 KMOB
E7 American Eagle CRJ-200 KCRW
E8 American Eagle CRJ-900 KSAV
E9 American Eagle CRJ-700 KFAY
E11 American Eagle CRJ-200 KDAY
E13 American Eagle CRJ-700 KAVL
E14A American Eagle CRJ-200 KAGS @anon57683537
E14B American Eagle CRJ-900 KMLB
E15 American Eagle CRJ-900 KABE
E16 American Eagle CRJ-200 KWEN
E 16A American Eagle CRJ-700 KDAB
E17 American Eagle CRJ-700 KBTR
E18 American Eagle CRJ-900 KALB
E19 American Eagle CRJ-200 KORF
E20 American Eagle CRJ-900 KCHA
E21 American Eagle CRJ-700 CYYZ
E22 American Eagle CRJ-900 KMHT @Daniel_Cerritos
E23 American Eagle CRJ-200 KLEX
E24 American Eagle CRJ-700 KDSM
E25 American Eagle CRJ-900 KOMA
E26 American Eagle CRJ-700 KPNS
E27 American Eagle CRJ-900 KCLE
E28 American Eagle CRJ-900 KIAD
E29 American Eagle CRJ-900 KMEM
E30 American Eagle CRJ-200 KERI
E31 American Eagle CRJ-200 KCAK
E32 American Eagle CRJ-900 KLIT
E33 American Eagle CRJ-700 KCVG
E34 American Eagle CRJ-200 KFLO
E35A American Eagle CRJ-700 KCID
E35B American Eagle CRJ-900 KLGA @Matthew_20204
E35C American Eagle CRJ-900 KOKC
E36 American Eagle CRJ-700 KRIC
E38A American Eagle CRJ-900 KDTW
E38B American Eagle CRJ-900 KATL
E38C American Eagle CRJ-700 KBUF

Cargo gates

Cargo gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
FedEx Apron 1 777-200F KATL
FedEx Apron 2 MD-11F KIND
FedEx Apron 3 MD-11F KLAX
FedEx Apron 4 MD-11F KEWR
FedEx Apron 5 777-200F KMEM
FedEx Apron 6 777-200F KLCK
UPS Apron 1 MD-11F KSDF
UPS Apron 2 A330F KPHL
UPS Apron 3 757-200 KRDU


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Glad to see my home airport featured:) Might wanna add spirit to the new concourse A as they just began service from 3 airports (forget them). CRJs are not used in C unless u put them for variety.

DL only use 712s to MSP. DL only use CRJs to JFK. They are also the sole airline for old A.
AA does not use CRJs to PHL. A330s and the A320 fam is what they use.

These are just suggestions to make this a little more realistic, but all of this is competely up to you 😉

This is 5am for me so unfortunately I can’t attend

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I want to make this as realistic as possible so thanks I’ll change it

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Sign up so we can fill up Charlotte Douglas Airport

I swear that I read something about American Eagle operating from C

Can I have a gate for an American/Generic A330 to Madrid

Can I take D8 please

They are used in E

@Adam_Goodman and @FlyAndCrash you are signed up we you there

I would like to have this gate, thanks :)

I will take gate D12 nvm @Captain_JR beat me to it

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Well in that’s case I will take gate A24

@Captain_JR @Zach007 you guys are signed up see you there


I just realize that the date is July 27. I didn’t know I was that stupid. I thought the flight was today. In that case, I’ll definitely be there.

You had me at Charlotte Southwest to BWI please

What gate?

I’ll sign you up

a330 is only in the winter season when the summer seasonal flights are over when summer is going on they send a321s too.

Its E concourse where they operate all their CRJs and ERJ140/145s erj175s they roam when they ever show up.

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May I have A2A to KCVG?

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