14-16JUN24 | Finnair Virtual Presents : Four Years High

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4 Years have passed

Fours years have flown by, and we’re so grateful for our members contributions to the virtual airline. Each and everyone’s dedication, positive attitude, and teamwork have made a lasting impact on us all - allowing us to continue enjoying the flying also tomorrow, even we might not always know where the next waypoint is located. We are doing this together, supporting each other with one solid purpose - Having fun, but professional, moments in the virtual cockpits with our friends: knowing they will be there, even when the real World throws hailstorms and snow blizzards at us.

This is for you, for every pilot, ATC controller and staff member, who has been part of us on this 4 year journey - Thank You !

A Magnificent VA experience with something for everyone. Excellent selection of routes/ codeshares, regular events and challenges offering a consistently fresh feel. Definitely a VA that thinks outside the box. 10/10. Well done. - @AndrewGraham

As far back as I can remember, I joined Finnair Virtual almost a year ago, on the occasion of the real-world airline’s anniversary. I became part of a family-like community, where I felt welcomed, where I built my virtual pilot experience, where I grew up and began my journey with IFATC. I made Finnair Virtual my home. And yes, we had experienced some epic, moving moments that will remain engraved in my mind forever. How can a virtual community generate so much emotion? Well, maybe the Nordic effect? In any case, I really love this family. Come and join us! - @Georges_Maxwell

I’ve been with Finnair Virtual for slightly under a year now. Looking back, I’ve truly enjoyed my time here. The community here is professional yet friendly. Every group flight gives me a sense of camaraderie with my fellow virtual pilots. With unique events week in and out, you can take your pick based on your real life schedule. For solo flyers (like me), don’t worry! You can take your pick from any of the featured routes of the week to boost up your virtual flying hours. Hope to see more new faces! - @Donny_Ng

About Us

On the 26th of June 2020 Finnair Virtual was officially founded by @Hardlanding_Hussain. 4 continuous Years brought many happy pilots, partnerships, events and a lot of joy to our VA. We have progressed a huge growth since last year while always striving to keep realism and professionalism top of mind.

Our 4th Anniversary

Join us for an event to remember as we celebrate our VA’s 4th anniversary in style! Get ready for an unforgettable weekend filled with events and entertainment.

About Night Time

Night Time is an event series at Finnair Virtual which consists of long haul group flights that are held over night. Night Time events are usually scheduled on Friday’s.

To kick off join us on this overnight long haul flight to our home base from Seoul. There will be two different departure waves that are separated by two hours.

SERVER : Expert Server

WAVE 1 : 2024-06-14T17:00:00Z

WAVE 2 : 2024-06-14T19:00:00Z

Flight Information

Route : 3D Seoul Incheon (RKSI) → Helsinki (EFHK)


Flight Details : TBA

VAs attending Aircraft Departure Time
@QatariVirtual A350 TBA

The Helsinki Fly-In/Out will be our main celebration event at our home base, Helsinki Vantaa. Everyone is welcome to fly-in or out during the scheduled 4-hour slot. Let’s create some traffic at this underrated airport!

SERVER : Expert Server


Finnair Virtual will be hosting two group flights during this event :


Flight Information

3D Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) → Helsinki (EFHK)


Flight Details : TBA

VAs attending Aircraft
@Etihad_Virtual TBA


Flight Information

Helsinki (EFHK) → 3D Amsterdam (EHAM)


Flight Details : TBA

VAs attending Aircraft
@QatariVirtual TBA

Whacky Racing events are occasional and rare, less serious events taking place in various regions allowing us compete and race against each others, without being afraid of violations. Join us on this one hour race across Finland, where all IFC members are welcomed to join.

SERVER : Casual Server


Race Information

Race Briefing : TBA

During the week of celebrations all new applicants who pass the entry exam will immediately rank up as a Commercial Pilot unlocking all routes and aircraft from the Finnair mainline network.



More special perks and rewards will be available during the days of celebrations for all our pilots.

Check out our amazing partners that will be attending in our anniversary events.

  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.
  • If IFATC is not available, use UNICOM correctly.
  • Have fun and enjoy the event!

Special Thanks to these amazing people who helped us along in the organization : @YU_KIMMI @Kennedy22_spotter @Arnav_Nimbkar @Donny_Ng @AndrewGraham @Georges_Maxwell

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Will absolutely both attend, and provide ATC coverage in the event!


TAROM Virtual would love to attend!

We will take the Stockholm and Amsterdam routes! :)

Many thanks,


Chief Executive Officer - TAROM Virtual


Thanks a lot, we appreciate your interest. Looking forward to see you there.


Bumping up! Less than a month to go.


Will definitely attend this event as a AYVA pilot!


Can’t wait to join y’all on the Stockholm to Helsinki flight!