14.1 Not Found Error

Hi everyone,

I was en-route from Orlando to Amsterdam last night on the expert server and I guess right around the Maine/Nova Scotia area I got an error message that said “14.1 not found, please try again.”

I woke up this morning to see that error message on screen and unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot because I quickly tapped it away to see where I was. When I tapped it away I was alone in the sever over Nova Scotia with the ATC button grayed out. Then about ten seconds later other planes started popping up on map and I was back online on the server.

Normally if a notification of some kind pops up the plane will still fly in the background for a certain time but this error halted the flight altogether until I tapped “OK.”

Just curious if anyone knows what this might be so can try to avoid it from happening again, I was supposed to be in Amsterdam by now :( lol

I have the latest hot-fix update and fly on a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 inch if any of that matters.

What is your iOS version?

iPad OS 14.3 lol which is really close to 14.1

Can you please provide a screenshot of the pop-up?

You honestly probably just somehow lost connection to the game. I’ve had something like this before and I just had to click okay, flew solo for a few seconds, and it worked again.

If it happens again I will happily. Like I said I literally had just woken up, saw it and clicked OK so I could see where I was on the map. Kicking myself in the butt for not grabbing a screenshot

Did the message look like it came from iOS or from Infinite Flight?

Yeah but it was a ten hour overnight flight 😭

It was an iOS alert notification. It wasn’t an in-game notification of any kind but it had to do with Infinite Flight because I always keep my iPad on DND during flights.

Ah, I see. Unfortunately, that sounds like it was sent by iOS directly (since any notifications sent by Infinite Flight shouldn’t pause your flight). Sorry to hear it disrupted your flight :/

Ik Ik, I’m sorry to hear :(

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