13th Anniversary of the “Helios airways flight 552”

13th Anniversary of the “Helios Airways flight 552


Helios Airways Flight 522 was a scheduled passenger flight from Cyprus, to Greece, that crashed on 14 August 2005, killing all 121
passengers and crew on board. A los of cabin pressure incapacitated the crew, leaving the aircraft flying on autopilot until it ran out of fuel and descended into the ground near Grammatiko, Greece.

Helios Flight 552 route


Date 14 August 2005
Summary Crew incapacitation due to loss of pressurization, followed by fuel exhaustion
Site Grammatiko [Marathon, Greece]

Aircraft: Boeing 735-31S
Aircraft name Olympia
Operator Helios Airway
Flight origin Larnaca International Airport
Stopover Athens International Airport
Destination Prague Ruzyně Int’l Airport, Prague, Czech Republic
Passengers 115
Crew 6
Fatalities 121
Survivors 0

It is the deadliest aviation accident in Greek history. Flight 522’s loss marked the 69th crash of a Boeing 737 since it was brought into service in 1968. The crash is the fourth-deadliest involving a 737-300.

Time Event
09:00 Scheduled departure
09:07 Departs Larnaca International Airport
09:12 Cabin Altitude Warning sounds at 12,040 feet (3,670 m)
09:14 Pilots report air conditioning problem
09:20 Last contact with crew; Altitude is 28,900 feet (8,809 m)
09:23 Now at 34,000 feet (10,400 m);Probably on autopilot
09:37 Enters Athens flight information region Nicosia [ATC] informs Athens ATC that radio contact has been lost
10:12–10:50 No response to radio calls from Athens ATC
10:45 Scheduled arrival in Athens
10:54 Athens Joint Rescue Coordination Centre alerted to possible renegade aircraft
11:05 Two F-16 fighters depart Nea Anchialos
1124 Located by F-16s over Aegean island of Kea
11:32 Fighters see co-pilot slumped over, cabin oxygen deployed, no signs of terrorism
11:49 Fighters see an individual in the cockpit, apparently trying to regain control of aircraft
11:50 Left engine stops operating, presumably due to fuel starvation
11:54 CVR records two MAYDAY messages
12:00 Right engine stops operating
12;04 Aircraft crashes in mountains near Grammatiko, Greece

Live footage!!

As this video is in Greek, you can skip it to 7:32. You’ll hear the characteristic:

[Aircarft warning]: ALTITUDE ALTITUDE

[Pilot]: “MAYDAY MAYDAY Pampo,we have a civilian aircraft strike, we have a civilian aircraft strike, MAYDAY MAYDAY”.

[ATC]: Copy

…Short after, the F16 pilot gives the coordinates to the ATC…


Oh I remember watching the air crash investigation Episode on this.
Kinda forgot it a little bit
May need to rewatch it


Each time I see this video, I remember the moment when I heard with my mum in the news that everyone was dead, no exceptions…

I remember this crash clearly, as I also was scheduled to fly out of Athens a few days later. It was a scary feeling…


If you think this post is not needed, just scroll down…You come here after reading this terrible incident and posting this?

My opinion on it is that my uncle and cousin died there… I am sure this is better detailed than Wikipedia. If you don’t like it, just don’t reply, if you don’t have anything to say about it.

Besides that you could have PM me and discuss it there, instead of posting here


I remember watching the Air Crash Investigation episode on that.

cough cough
What’s my birthday?
Well, it’s August 14th.

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Happy birthday!


I saw this on National Geographic’s mayday like 5 years ago. I was and still is amzed by that male flight attendant.


Really sorry for you loss mate, that must’ve been horrifying when you heard the news.

Thanks for the very informative post - I definitely learned something. What a horrific turn of events. RIP.


After some days we learned this in the news. Its been some years from when it happened, but still, it seems like yesterday…

Anyway…thanks for your kind words buddy!! Its really sad not only for me, but for anyone who lost a part of his family there…


Clearly people here took it the wrong way. I only said it Bc I felt like this was gonna be a trend like the “managing airports” threads. I’m sorry for your loss in the crash but it would be nice for people to indicate that they lost someone instead of just posting about the crash. It would bring more value and significance to the forum.

I am not posting to indicate that I lost a part of my family. I could have done it, if I wanted too…

Just a suggestion for the next time: As I have said previously, better PM the OP, instead of posting your off topic opinion here. Everyone here has a different story, which you don’t know… That’s why we have the Message option. You might want to see Mags advice about the whole thing:

Before we start getting off topic here, I would suggest you @N1RG and @Asdew take it in a PM.


Oh, I understood that incorrectly. Yeah, that’s not what I like.

I’m so sorry to hear that. I send my condolences. Must’ve been a hard time for you to hear this. But I’m sure your loved ones would’ve wanted you to celebrate them and not be depressed. Overall, this is a tragic accident. May all of their souls rest in piece.


Please keep the chatter in a PM please. Half of these posts should have been via a PM instead of the public thread.

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