13OCT2022 The Ronald Regan FlyOut

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Quick Bumb if topic

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I will take this
04|Southwest Airlines|737-800|KTPA

I can take ground and tower!

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I would just like to say, as a native to this airport area:

  1. If we land the river visual(from the north) ONLY land on 19, not runway 15, and fly visual following the potomac.

  2. You are only allowed to take off from 15 if you are in a crj or erj, if not take off from runway 19. You are still allowed to take off from R19 if you are an erj or crj though.

  3. Do not fly into the area of DC, even during takeoff. Use the correct departure routes that supports your flight.

If we fly in from the south:

  1. Fly straight in runway 1, no following the river needed

  2. You only have permission to land runway 33 if you are in an e175 or crj7,5, &2. Same goes for take off

  3. When approaching runway 33, follow the approach to runway 1, then transfer from star “BADDN” to star “PADVE” continuing to 33.

  4. When taking off from runway 1, follow the river approach in the departure SID. Once again NO FLYING IN DC

General reminders

  1. No commercial aircraft larger than B757(delta only)

  2. Set VS to 3600-3200 on initial climb.

  3. No international flights, with the exception of CYYZ, CYOW, CYUL, and MMUN

  4. No flights past CST, with exceptions for KSAT, KDAL, KDEN, KLAX, KSLC, KSEA, KPHX, KSFO, KPDX, and KAUS.

  5. US Costal Guard’s C130J is the largest aircraft excepted to land at KDCA. (No fighter jets or flyovers)

  6. Private Jets must park at the stands at Gate 35 or GA hangers new terminal 1

  7. No low approaches from runway 19, spare plane spotters a gravelly point their lives.

  8. If you have to go-around when landing runway 1, fly following the potomac, turn make a left 180, and approach again. If landing from runway 19, immediately turn right 90 degrees, complete another 90 degrees right before passing over KIAD, and continue the normal river approach again.

  9. HAVE FUN!! Don’t stress too hard about it. Land like you’re the confident pilot you are! :smile:


are you saying we did this wrong?

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NOOOOOO, no, you couldn’t be farther from the truth, in fact, you guys did amazing! I was just filling you guys in with my knowledge to give out free information you may not have known. That’s all. I’m sorry if it seemed as if I was threatening in any way.

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Ah, alright! I’m one of the hosts although it doesn’t show no problem so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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Oh no it wasn’t, I was seeing if we did anything wrong, thank you fo the info!


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