13OCT20 / 1300Z - Aeroflot Trip 2020 @ UUEE

Aeroflot Virtual inviting you to join us Event today!
A common flight from Moscow to Sochi!

Server: Training

Airport: UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo

Arriving Airport is Sochi International

Flight Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Time: 1300Z

Aircraft’s: Airbus A320 or Boeing 739

Gates available:
Terminal F
Gate 46: Free
Gate 47: Free
Gate 48: @aryachopra
Gate 49: Fernando Alonso
Gate 50: @Shafran
Gate 51: @DeltaFox
Gate 52: @salim_bello
Gate 53: @Ritesh321
Gate 54: Free
Gate 55: Free
Gate 56: Free


can I get gate 51, btw 1300z is 9 pm est right?

All yours.

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Can i get gate 52 please?

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Can i have gate 48

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Also i’m changing date to 13OCT because busy IRL flights.

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I can provide ATC for the event if that’s ok

ok cool! thanks!

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Today is day of event!

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Can i Join?A320

yes you can, just choose the gate.

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Gate 53 is all yours.

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Ok thanks!

it’s 10:00PM i’m sorry for late response.

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