13NOV21 / 2000Z - Ethiopian Virtual Presents The Addis Ababa Bole Fly-out! @HAAB

Hi could you please amend my flight to Dubai (OMDB) thanks

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I will do HAAB - CYYZ// A350

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Everyone that does not have an assigned gate can spawn in at an empty gate

Sad to see no one is following this😓Great event regardless


Well i will do this like I always do at HAAB, nevertheless it is disappointing no one is following the guide
Also no strobes lights need to be on as its a taxiway even on a runway!

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@Skonert aren’t you meant to be facing the other way?

how so??? Aren’t we taxiing to 07?

Please refrain for commenting if you do not you have anything bad to say

You can make the taxi to the nearest exit into RWY 07L thanks @Skonert

But that would mean I’m taking off using only half of the runway

No 07L is a taxiway
07R is where we depart from

@tjb0709 Oh, thanks for that!

??? How is this bad?

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Go ahead and turn right

I can’t taxi until I have my clearance

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I asked twice already

He asked me to taxi to 07L, what gives?

IRL 07R is in use not 07L

Yeah but why are all of these planes flying out of 07L?

Thats a good question!
No ATC and they dont actually bother!

So how are you going to get across? backtaxi 07R?