13NOV21 / 2000Z - Ethiopian Virtual Presents The Addis Ababa Bole Fly-out! @HAAB

Ethiopian Virtual Presents The Addis Ababa Bole Fly-Out !!

Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (HAAB)

Hosted by @FedExVirtual

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Addis Ababa Bole International, is the gateway for travelers to enter the beautiful country of Ethiopia, in South Africa. Home to the carrier of the homeland, Ethiopian Airlines. Bole International is also home to other airlines that have the airport as one of their vast destinations. Ethiopian Airlines have plenty of services to other parts of Africa, as well to anywhere else in the world.

Ethiopian Virtual and it’s codeshare Partner, FedEx Virtual are leading a fly-out from the stunning capital of Ethiopia from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport [HAAB].

Airport: Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (HAAB)

NOTAMS: We would like to request that pilots spawn at least 10 minutes before the posted event time to help ensure a timely pushback and departure. The flyout is open to everyone and the destinations above are available to all attendees regardless of the gate. You choose where you fly. But most importantly, have fun!

IMPORTANT Ethiopian Virtual is not responsible for violations during the event. Please follow ATC instructions.

HAAB ATIS: @AviationChampion
HAAB Ground: @AviationChampion
HAAB Tower: @AviationChampion
HAAB Departure:@Vacant
Addis Ababa Center:@Vacant

Passenger Gates

Passenger Gate Assignments:

IFC Username Gate Aircraft Destination
@chazdawg8819 Gate 1 A359 EGLL
@MiglMicheal Gate 3 A333 EDDF
@Lotus Gate 5 B77L VTBS
@tjb0709 Gate 6 B77L KORD
@Marcello_Jr Gate 7 KMEM
Gate 8
Gate 9
Gate 10
Gate 11
Gate 12
Gate 13
Gate 14
Gate 15
Gate 16
Gate 17
Gate 18
Cargo Gates

Cargo Gate Assignments:

IFC Username Gate Aircraft Destination
Gate 1
@Gavin_Hinz Gate 2 B77F OMDB
@ariete Gate 3 B77F KPAE
@BurritoLeo Gate 4 B77F ZGGG
Gate 5
@ Boeing787bro Gate 6 B77F OEJN
Gate 7
@Levi_Park Gate 8 B77F RKSI
Remote Stands

Remote Stand Assignments:

IFC Username Gate Aircraft Destination
@Jason_M Gate 19 B77F OMDB
@alikalbk Gate 20 B77F
@CaptainOveur Gate 21 MD11F FALE
Gate 22
Gate 23
Gate 24
Gate 25
Gate 26
Gate 27
Gate 28
Gate 29
Gate 30
Gate 31
@Misery_Bus_Talker Gate 32 B77L VHHH
Gate 33
Gate 34
Gate 35
Gate 36
Gate 37
Gate 38
Gate 39
Gate 40
Gate 41
Gate 42
Gate 43
Gate 44
Gate 45
Gate 46
Gate 47
Gate 48
Gate 49
Gate 50
Gate 51
Gate 52
Gate 53

Ethiopian Virtual is a virtual airline based on mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no connection or affiliation with Ethiopian Airlines or any other real-world airline.


Looks awesome! Really appreciate the support!


Can I get cargo Gate 1 with 777F heading for OMDB


May I get Pax gate 1, A359 to London Heathrow


I’ll take Tower, Ground and ATIS.


I’ll take Pax 2 a350 to KIAD


Noted! Thank you for the coverage


Can I get cargo gate 4 in the B77F to ZGGG

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Can I get cargo gate 2 B77F to OMDB.

FedEx 236VA

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You’re welcome! I’ll contact my friends and get you some radar coverage as well.

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I absolutely love being able to help a fellow IF’er and VA CEO. I’d like to pick up

( Remote Stand) B77F headed to OMDB please.

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Awesome! Thank you so much sir!

Thank you sir! We will get you marked down!

Could I have any of the passanger gates to EDDF in the LH A333?

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I’ll be flying one of our fleet’s nine B77F’s for major (scheduled) maintenance at Paine Field from HAAB Cargo Gate 3, dest.: KPAE

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Sure thing! We’ll mark you down thanks for joining.

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It’s all yours! Thanks for coming!

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Can I take cargo spot 15 to omdb?

Can I get this gate with the B77F

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Could I please get cargo gate 3?