13NOV20 / 2230Z Tropical fly out @ KPHX to KMIA

Aircraft: American 777 or Airbus A320
Airport: KPHX-KMIA
GATES: American Airlines Terminal
Time: 🌎 Today at 5:30pm EST
Server:training Server
Additional info: Copy FPL from me when spawned in
Pls let know if any of you wants to come

I guess by my self

Come on people I would like at least 3 players to join me I am American 1173 Heavy

Sure! I’ll come. I am N421PY Heavy. Let’s depart now, you push first.

Sweet thx @NoahKerr

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We will be going to FL360

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Okay, please wait until I have taken off before you enter the runway.

It’s called line up and wait

In my professional experience, I recommend not having two aircraft on the same runway within half a nautical-mile.

Hey there!

I’d recommend making a PM for your groupflight!


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Close this pls moderators thx

This can be closed

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