13NOV20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Pink Lakes @ YSSY

I may do a flight to nowhere (i.e. depart YSSY, fly around the coast of Australia, and come back in for a landing at YSSY)

Or, I’ll fly Sydney to Perth.

You guys Can’t-berra my puns anymore, huh?

Yeah, figured.


I can’t wait to fly there thanks IF team!

Will very very very much be appreciated if the real procedures are put into effect. I know if it gets busy, they may not be, but hoping that it doesnt come to that.


Looks exciting. Will certainly look forward to flying there tomorrow! :)

Welcome back to IFC, @Faisiecot! I’ve seen a notification that it’s been a while since this forum has last seen you. Haha

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Got a nice pic last time I went there haha 😏😂


Finally! I’ve been waiting for a day in the down under for a while now!

Enjoy a set of 10 hour routes I compiled for another user.


China Airlines 51/55 | A330 / A359 | 9:30 hours. It’ll be a lot shorter if you don’t follow real word airspace restrictions, so I’d recommend that you make sure your Flight Plan mimics the real world one. This flight is not always 9:30, but it’s pretty close.


Fedex77 | B777F | | 9:50
Nearly 10 hours, this route is only really interesting if you make sure your FPL flies over some islands, but the departure out of Hawaii and the approach from the East Coast into Sydney are definitely worth it!


China Eastern 711 | A359 | 9:50
Probably the best flight you’ll get here, it’s a livery that is rarely flown and you could give it some love.




It’s happening! Looking forward to it 😍 Cheers Misha

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@Thunderbolt does that mean you will help me do Vegemite deliveries around regional Australia

Thanks, @MishaCamp I can’t wait for this FNF, I will be flying all day long!!

Just found my overnight route for today!!

I am so in

Imagine having an FNF in Australia and having nobody say


Nothing like flying a FNF on Friday the 13th in the land down under.

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A classic Sydney & Australian FNF, what an occasion; I’ll be there! ✈️


Connection flights - I LOVE it! Thanks Misha. See you up there

Sydney is gonna be packed. Cant wait.

So excited for this one!

I’ll see whoever decides to open YSSY ATC on the other side of a Tour De Australia. Flying the Australian coastline from Sydney and back.

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