13MAY22→15MAY22 / Qantas Virtual Group Presents: A Decade in the Skies!

Captain-Neves - Wave 1 - any you choose - Qantas 746VG

Wave 1 is unfortunately full, however, we can get you signed up for Wave 2 if you’d like, we have 1 more gate available there.

Director of Flight Operations

Hello QVG
What will be the flight plan for today’s Hobart event?

It will all be announced soon.

Ok thank you

yes please

When will the flight plan come?

Its all in the private message group that I setup.

I’ll get you signed up for that!

Wave 1 of our event is officially underway!

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Is there a fight plan for wave 2?

copy my fpl

It is officially the day of our anniversary!

Our Whacky Racing Event will be underway in 20 minutes on the Casual Server, be sure to come join us as we celebrate 10 Years!

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Our Winners!

1st: @Balacachini
2nd: @Jxshua
3rd: @oxichloride

A heated race up and out of Sydney to Coffs Harbour made for some excellent fun and some even more excellent replay footage!

As our final event comes to a close, we’d like to thank YOU, as the community for supporting us through the decade, we hope to see you all in the skies, flying further, with the Spirit of Australia!

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