13MAY22→15MAY22 / Qantas Virtual Group Presents: A Decade in the Skies!

It states it will be on the Expert Server.

Director of Flight Operations

@PREM_AVIATION1 @Ballisticpip211

You have both been signed up!

Director of Flight Operations


G’day! All gates for our flyout don’t have any assignments therefore you are free to fly whichever route you want.

Director of Flight Operations

Which route we have to follow on Hobart event?

YPAD-YMHB (Adelaide-Hobart.) Clearly says that on the event post.

No,I mean’t to say that which flight plan we have to follow in Hobart event?

That will be announced shortly before we begin the flight.

Ok! Thank you!

Hi is there any possibilty to add one more person onto wave 1?

Unfortunately Hobart cannot accommodate another aircraft, however I can put you on a standby gate incase anyone drops out :)

Director of Flight Operations

@QantasVirtualGroup Domestic Terminal Gate 6|Wave 2|QVG146| @CaptainZEUS

Ok thanks. Toby_Boddy - wave 1 - standby gate - 847VG

Awesome event can’t wait for this! sign me up wave 2 T1 Gate 15 QVG122

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You’re all signed up!

Will do :)

It’s officially Open Recruitment Week!

From Today (Friday, 13 May, 2022) for a whole week! (until Friday, 20 May, 2022) QVG is opening its doors to pilots far and wide, allowing them to apply to join us and skip our written examination! We hope to see a few applications come through and we can’t wait to have you soaring in the skies with us!

Apply Today!

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We have to sign in for tomorrow’s event or what?

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Is this event atc staffed for wave 1 @QantasVirtualGroup