13MAY20 / 1845Z - EHAM to RJTT @EHAM - Connecting the Ends of Eurasia

Thank you so much for being so welcoming! I just signed up for the other event so see you there!

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I got it, thanks


We still need some ATC if anyone is interested.

Il’l be there!

As ATC or as a pilot? @4330Super

I can do ATC

Which airport and which frequency?

Amsterdam and I will do tower and ground

someone is already doing ground tower at EHAM. You can do departure if you want

Good afternoon everyone, the event has been delyed for 15 mins. The new STD is 1845Z. Please spawn at 1830Z and be ready for a pushback of 1840Z Sorry about the delay and I hope that it doesn’t cause any problems. Thank you

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Hi, how late are you planning to arrive in Tokyo, if the times work i would like to be ATC there

I was the reason for the delay so please blame me.

Sorry @Casp959er73 cant attend😥

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Whats the ETA? I could offer tower/ground services if desired.

I believe that we will be landing at about 0500Z

Is it because of the delay?

Good evening pilots. Just a reminder that there are 2 hours left until you should be spawned in @EHAM airport. We will pushback promptly at 1840Z so we have an on time departure at 1845Z. For anyone who would like to join, there are still plenty of parking spots available and there is plenty of time to give you a spot.
Thank you, see you soon

Note for ATC

Try to get control access a while before we spawn in so there is no random person controlling.


@Earl_Martindale @Hardlanding_Hussain @vexzty @Erik_Popescu @GPilot118 @That_Guy14 @4330Super

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I’ll be your departure controller for EHAM. Not positive about RJTT, but it is possible. You want me to vector for SIDs or depart on your own?

up to you, SIDS would be more realistic

Alright, I’ll throw you some radar vector.