13MAY20 / 0700Z - Unite for Yam Dreaming with Qantas Virtual @ YSSY

Unite for Yam Dreaming

G’day everyone and welcome to this special event. During these tough times, we unite and today I would like to invite you to unite in an attempt to get the Yam Dreaming livery (see below) in the game. This event is in partnership with @QantasVirtualGroup

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Event Details

Aircraft: Qantas liveried 717, 737, 767 or 787
Route: Sydney (YSSY) - Alice Springs (YBAS)
Server: Training
Start time: 2020-05-12T06:00:00Z
Cruising altitude: FL320
Cruising Speed: M0.78
Runways: 34L (YSSY) and 30 (YBAS) most likely
Flight time: 3hrs

About Yam Dreaming

Emily Kame Kngwarreye or VH-ZND is one of Qantas’s Boeing 787 aircraft. The aboriginal artwork is based on a 1991 art piece. According to the Qantas site the livery showcases the artwork of the late Northern Territory artist and senior Anmatyerre woman, Emily Kame Kngwarreye*. Based on her 1991 painting, Yam Dreaming, the design depicts the culturally significant yam plant, an important symbol in Emily’s Dreaming stories and a staple food source in her home region of Utopia, 230km north-east of Alice Springs.

We want to fly to Alice Springs to unite the masses so we can fly this wonderful livery on Infinite Flight, join us!


Gate 1-08: @Louis 787
Gate 1-09: @RileyBozina 787
Gate 1-10: @TRDubh 787
Gate 1-11: @Thomas 787
Gate 1-24: @Oli_H 787
Gate 1-25: @sam2875 787
Gate 1-30: @Muhammad_Fachry 737
Gate 1-31: @Fish 767
Gate 1-32: @TimR 787
Gate 1-33: @vexzty 787
Gate 1-34: @Nicholas_Pragassen 787
Gate 1-35: @Choccymilk 787
Gate 1-36 @robin0012 787
Gate 1-37: @Finn_S_QFA535 787
Gate 1-50: @Ayano_Gudy 787
Gate 1-51: @Karin_Wong 737
Gate 1-53:
Gate 1-54:
Gate 1-57:
Gate 1-58:
Gate 1-59:

More gates will be added if needed! Please let me know what aircraft you would like to fly, can’t wait to see you there! Use any callsign.

Qantas Virtual are partnering with this event!

As Australia’s Leading Virtual Airline, we love to support our Australian Aviation community by working together to create high-quality, enjoyable events.


ooOOoo, this = very nice, me = like very much!

I’ll take a gate, with 787 thanks! Btw great 787 shot right there! ;)

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Done! See you then my twin

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I would love to join!

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Sign me up!

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@TRDubh @Thomas easy, what aircraft?

787 please.




This looks fun. I would join if it wasn’t at 0000mdt.

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Would love to join my twin! Sign me up, any gate in the 787

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I’d love to join this event! Could I have a gate for the 787?

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i’ll be there with 737

Im in, using a 767

Easy! @Fish @Oli_H @sam2875 @Muhammad_Fachry, you’re all in!

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That’s quite slow for the 787, considering it cruises at M 0.85.

Qantas Virtual are partnering with this event!

As Australia’s Leading Virtual Airline, we will be getting behind this event to hopefully get our beloved special livery recognised and into the sim!


Give me a gate!


@TimR you’re in!

You wouldn’t want 737s and 717s getting left behind the 787s during the flight.

Nice event for a good cause 👍


I’ll come in a 787 please. :)))