13MAR22 / 1700Z- The International San Diego massive flyout @KSAN ( COMPLETED )

The International San Diego massive flyout!

About Airport

Hello everyone ! I am extremely happy to announce that a massive Flyout will be happening on the 13th march at 1700Z @KSAN ! Here’s a small fact about San Diego Airport :

  • San Diego airport has nonstop international flights to destinations in Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom so we hope to see pilots fly to these countries !

  • If you didn’t know San Diego airport Is of course a hub for Southwest Airlines and we should expect these liveries to appear in this event !

Event Information

Server: we will be flying in the expert server !

Airport: This is a flyout at San Diego airport

Time: We will pushback at 1700z but please spawn in 15 to 20 minutes before the event starts.


Available spots (FULL)

Available Gates

Terminal 1 (7 gates remaining)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Flight time
3 San Francisco (KSFO) 3D Southwest B737-800 @bleu 1h43mins
4 Phoenix (KPHX) Southwest B737-700 @A10f4ang 1h5mins
5 Las Vegas (KLAS) 3D Southwest B737-800 @Abhijt_Sharma 1h
6 Phoenix (KPHX) 3D Southwest B737-800 @Mrbeast6000 1h5mins
7 Los Angeles (KLAX) 3D Delta air lines CRJ700 @Harrison_EGLL 40mins
8 San Francisco (KSFO) 3D United Airlines A320 @muza1200 1h
9 San Francisco (KSFO) 3D United airlines A320 @787_Dream 1h50mins
10 Las Vegas (KLAS) 3D Southwest B737-800 @Power9002 1h
13 Saint Louis (KSTL) Southwest B737-800 @ODFly 3h30mins
Terminal 2 (5 gates remaining)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Flight time
24 KPHL American airlines A321 @CaptainE 4h45mins
25 KDAB American airlines A321 @N179LH 4h30mins
26 Honolulu (PHNL)3D Alaska airlines B737-800 @United23 6h03mins
27 Las Vegas (KLAS) 3D United airlines B737-800 @Klas892 1h
28 Seatle (KSEA) 3D Alaska Airlines B737-800 @Tom_Jennings 2h 38min
30 Kona (PHKO) Alaska Airlines B737-900 @AIDAN101 6h
31 Honolulu (PHNL) 3D Hawaïan B767-300 @Lucas_Louro 5h30mins
32 Dallas Worth (KDFW) American airlines B737-800 @Ryman 2h50mins
33 New york (KJFK) 3D Delta air lines A330-300 @787_Dream 6h05mins
34 KLAS (Las Vegas) 3D Spirit A320 @FlyEurope 1h
35 Las Vegas (KLAS) 3D Alaska airlines B737-800 @HDS_HOST 1h
39 Denver(KDEN)3D United airlines B737-800 @barrel 2h40mins
40 Las Vegas (KLAS) 3D Frotier A320 @Luka_kakec 1h
42 Denver (KDEN)3D United airlines B737-900 @Cihan37 2h40mins
45 Atlanta(KATL)3D Delta air lines A330-300 @KSM_King_Storm 4h58mins
Cargo ramp
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Flight time
6 Louisville (KSDF) UPS MD-11F @SWA737 3h38mins

In Terminal 1 from gate 3 to 6 you have suggested routes and from gate 7 to 18 you have the choice for your destination as well as in terminal 2.


  • Please follow ATC instructions in order to not get violations.
  • I am not responsible for the violations you get.
  • If no ATC is present, please use Unicom frequency correctly.
  • Lastly, Have Fun !


If there not alot of people coming, the date of the event will be shifted. The event will be happening of course.

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Let’s get this topic a little bump!

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To make this event all little more popular I shifted the event to the 13th of march so more people could come!

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Las Vegas (KLAS) 3D Southwest B737-800

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Ok no problem @Abhijit_Sharma ! you will be signed up !

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You are officially our first participant ! Thanks for your interest ! See you there !

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Hello, I would like to join! I’ll take Gate 27 to Dallas/Fort Worth, please

American Airlines (old livery) 757-200

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no problem @Thomas_Cunningham ! you will be signed up now !

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awesome, thank you! :)

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Actually never mind, unfortunately, I am not able to come. I looked at the time and it turns out it’s a bit too early for me to be able to go. Sorry about this

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Ok no problem ! Stay tuned for future events ! take care

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Alright sounds good, I sure will. Take care as well!

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Attention to all interests, sign ups will be taken tommorow.

Thanks to @JSRibs28 who will control the event!
If an atc is interested to control departure or center feel free!


Glad to join !

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We do not have flights to germany or switzerland, we used to but only lufthansa is returning from munich with an A350 on march 26th this year, edelweiss hasn’t announced a return to san diego yet.

KSAN int’l routes are :

NRT-SAN JAL66 (787-8 always)
LHR-SAN BAW273 (787-9, in use as of now, 77W, 772, 744, have been used previously)
YVR-SAN ACA8766 (CRJ9 always) sun country also runs this route as SY8726
The routes to baja are mostly SWA and ASA
And MUC-SAN which will be LH467 using the A359, FRA-SAN can be done realistically with the A333 too,
ZRH-SAN was WK18, A330 never saw us but i’d still use it
We used to have YYZ routes with AC rouge’s A321s and 763s

And the airport seems to be wanting avianca and latam chile/peru operating out of here, also briefly in 2017 PAL expressed interest in operating here with i’m assuming their new A350

Old london to san diego route used the landor DC10, LGW-PHX-SAN, nice retro option should you care.
CDG-SAN was never a thing but for one time with a 77W and the FLT num. was AFR302.

San diego also has a lot of south east asians and arabic people (aside from mexicans), so routes from those reigons are completely fine to use if you don’t mind the slight unrealism

If this type of comment isn’t allowed or accepted here just flag it as spam after I fail to respond to a request to delete it within the hour 😁


Hi @N179LH! I just saw it on Wikipedia but its not really important! Do you want to join the event?

I’ll take gate 24 as AA433, an A321 to KPHL, flight time is around 4 hours and 45 minutes. Thanks.

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Ok no problem you will be signed up!