13MAR22 / 0000Z - G/A DAY! @US East Coast

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Welcome to G/A Day, an event for all pilots ranging from military-lovers and commercial aviators to the General-Aviation-passionate! This is a day where everyone can come together to share in the amazing world of G/A! This G/A Day will feature the East Coast of the United States, home to some of the greatest G/A airports in the world!


Airfield Name ICAO State Class Type
Farmingdale Republic KFRG New York Charlie HUB
Fort Lauterdale Executive KFXE Florida Charlie HUB
Savvanna International KSAV Georgia Bravo HUB
Martha’s Vinyard KMVY Massachusets Delta HUB
Hilton Head KHXD South Carolina Delta HUB
First Flight Airport KFFA North Carolina Echo Secondary
Fayetteville Regional KFAY North Carolina Charlie HUB
Chattanooga Metropolitan KCHA Tennessee Charlie HUB
Boca Raton KBCT Florida Charlie Secondary
Block Island State KBID Rhode Island Echo Secondary
Lake Placid KLKP New York Echo Secondary
College Park Airport KCGS Maryland Echo Secondary


  • G/A Day is enouraged to take place on All Servers! (Expert, Training, Casual)
  • All G/A Aircraft are permitted/encouraged! :)
  • Observe and adhere to the instructions of ATC. If ATC is not active, Unicom should be used in its proper use.
  • Local flying is permitted and encouraged!
  • Formation flying is permitted and encouraged!
  • Pattern work will always be permitted unless otherwise noted in an airports respective ATIS Frequency.
  • IFR flying will only be permitted with a flightplan.
  • If flying on the expert server, please remember to fly professionally.
  • Last but not least, have fun! :)
  • G/A day will begin at 0000Z on March 13th and will end around 1 AM EST (0600Z, March 14th). This allows for the greatest outreach of all time zones. (2022-03-13T00:00:00Z2022-03-14T05:00:00Z)


  • Please PM myself or @Trio if you are interested in controlling, and be sure to let us know which times you will be active.
  • Feel free to let us know via PM if an airport you would like to control is not on the list and I will add it right away! :)
This GA Day event is partnered with Infinite Flight ATC Education Group, a Group dedicated to providing the best possible experience to controllers and pilots within Infinite Flight through daily articles, frequent events, and special guests. To join our Discord, we've included this link for your convenience: https://discord.gg/c6PpDEyX

Enjoy, have fun, blue skies! :)


Nice event! It’s a Saturday, so of course I’ll come :)

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Thanks Daniel, disregard my question about the link, found it.

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This is literally the best time for me to join since it is 10:30 AM to 15:30. I might or might not join because I will be flying for VA’s at that time.

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G/A Day will officially begin in 2 minutes! Feel free to send in your best pictures to #screenshots-and-videos and/or this thread! Clear skies, everyone! :)

KFRG (Farmingdale Republic) is now open on the expert server! Come and join for some G/A fun! :)

KFRG Local closing (temporarily). Thanks for coming @ThePotato @BENSTUDIOS_YT @CaptainA! Gonna head to sleep, but stay tuned for some more action tomorrow! :) Cheers everyone!

I couldn’t take the crosswind lol

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No worries, it was pretty strong tonight due to the winter storm haha

Yeah, I unfortunately had to leave on final, but I will come again the next time something is open. Thanks for staffing atc!

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If anyone would like to join later today!

From: KFRG to KFXE
When: 2022-03-13T18:00:00Z
Aircraft: Citation X
Server: Expert

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Any pilots who would like a link to the event chat should feel free to shoot a PM to me or Kyle. Cheers guys!

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Postponed to 1830Z

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