13MAR21 / 2200Z - The Great Dublin Fly-In @EIDW

can I do the Brussels flight or iam sure that I can come

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Done, we have now 11 slots remaining

Sorry, it’s impossible since there are 29 people already signed up

this gate, please. (also its 30 now lol)

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Will there be any active atc at this airport during arrival?

We don’t know, only if matches with the IFATC schedule

@IF-Mallorca, can I have Ethiopian from HAAB (Addis Ababa) please

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This one for me, please

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  • Gate numbers assigned to each slot
  • Ground charts to know where is your gate
  • 8 slots left to fill the event!

Hey sorry if I’m bothering you by asking this, but would I be able to switch from 111C to gate 305C or gate 306? It’s just because that is where Etihad normally parks when they fly into Dublin.
Thanks again for organising this event.

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Is it just me, or is Dublin always super popular for events? lol

Hello, I need a change in my arrival gate from 109C to 314. Since, Air Canada usually arrives at this gate while it flies to Dublin.


Thanks a lot @IF-Mallorca.

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12 days for the event! I will add you all to the group PM this weekend

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Attention all the attendants

I will depart 30 minutes before just to be earlier than everyone for doing something more entertaining: A landing competition!

I will be using the free camera at the threshold of the runway (You know only one runway is used IRL). I will rate them depending on whether they are butter / great landing / acceptable / hard landing / wasted (Yes, like the X-plane addon).

If you use IF-Operations:

V/S Equals
0-100ft/m Butter
100-150ft/m Great Landing
150-250ft/m Acceptable
250-400ft/m Hard Landing
+400ft/m Wasted

In the group PM you will have a list with the results, it will look like that:

Pilot Landing
Pilot 1 Butter
Pilot 2 Acceptable
Pilot 3 Wasted
Pilot 4 Great Landing
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Dublin to Bangkok ain’t a route unfortunately.
And easyJet DOES NOT fly from Dublin
Knock and Shannon also are not routes
I’ll take a gate to Luton pls

Although they arent scheduled routes, Shannon is used for positioning aircraft to/from Dublin particularly during the pandemic with the A330/320 family fleet and also the B757s when they were in service for EI

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Can I add another USA route if that’s possible? Could I do a Delta 757-200 from EWR? I can work back the times myself and make sure I arrive on time? If not let me know @IF-Mallorca