13MAR21 / 2200Z- Project idaho pt5 The Short And High Fly-In! @ 1ID9

Summary: _Hey guys this is my first flyin and i guess the first idaho Fly-In in the history of IF. During the event we will be flying into an airport in idaho with the worlds shortest runway! At 414ft long and 20ft wide it make saba juancho seem like an international airport. What makes it even more challenging is that its situated at 5,500ft ASL and it gets very hot during the summers. We will be flying Xcubs into this airport because we don’t want any overruns. You can honestly fly in from wherever you want it doesnt matter since its an all day event. Please make sure to be respectful of the unicom since there wont be any ATC apon arrival. _

Server: Expert

Airport: 1ID9

Time: All Day


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somethin i forgot to add. Please make sure that you come in from the north and go down the valley from pocatello since there are mountains on both sides. Also if coming in from the east cruise at 13,000ft at the minimum and 11,000ft if youre coming from the west. I know 13,000ft is above the service ceiling but its really easy to get it up there ive gotten up to 15,000ft with an xcub before. It really starts struggling at about 13,000ft so dont go past that pls unless youre about to smack into a mountain. The only reason im telling you this is so that you dont hit a mountain. And the exact altitudes are because i know the height of the peaks over their.

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