13MAR21 / 1900Z - IFAE's Blast to the Past @ KPSP

Thanks to all that joined was a great flight


Thanks to everyone, the event was indeed a blast. See you next time!

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Amazing flight, brought some nice memories from all those airports. Only thing missing from the past was A380s lining up @ KNUC lol

#IFAEteam šŸ’Æ


Sorry guys only just got tagged and i was alseep lol.

Forgive me for not participating. Iā€™m having a delay problem using Joystick to simulate. The developers are investigating the cause, but I hope the event has been incredible. When I have resolved it for sure I will be with you flying.
Sorry for the absence and good week for everyone.

šŸ™‚ #IFAEteam šŸ’Æ

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