13MAR21 / 1900Z - IFAE's Blast to the Past @ KPSP

Hi @IF_Aviation_Experts pleas remove me from the list i can’t attend anymore i am sorry

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Hey @Cameron_M and @CrazyBee ,
sorry for the late reply to your messages.

@Cameron_M I have put you in Crazy Bee’s gate if that’s ok


Just a friendly reminder that our Blast to the Past event is next week, please make sure to sign up in order to reserve a gate.
See You There!

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Event time! Go ahead and spawn in if you haven’t already. Let’s fly into the past! ✈️

Whos ready?!



Can’t join. Sorry

@Cameron_M @jakey2_0 @Oliver_P @Chindle_1204 @Murilo_Heindrich you guys coming? 🙃

@Chris_Hoss @Suhas I’ll depart after you guys


It’s a bit bumpy up here!

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Indeed, 44kt crosswind where I am

😮 sick bags at the ready!

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Should have cleared cache before the flight because KSAN disappeared for me :/

P.s did a low pass instead

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You can clear it during flight as well I belive :)

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You cab but that resets the flight

lol I just did that and I’m still here flying :)

Hmm interesting as I remember doing it ages ago and it went back to main menu

Quite a bumpy landing and flight!

Same @Suhas not my best!

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Awesome flight, Thanks for hosting :)

great flight guys, thanks for joining and for the blast from the past!

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