13MAR21 / 1800Z - Aruba Flyout! - @ TNCA

Yes, I’ll add you

Hey, could you look in infinite flight and look what this gate/ramp is exactly called? My pro ran out

uh what do you mean

Oops, forgot to post the picture

The one next to the jetway

alright that one

I’ll do this one too, please @BonaireDude


They stopped leasing them, they only have one, but eh, it’s infinite flight, we’ll have some fun, I’ll add you!

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Remote Stand 9

Alright, thanks, I’ll add you

Actually, I’ll just add you where on the JetBlue spot, since nobody is choosing that one

Awesome to see your events almost full! good job!

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Hello guys, a reminder to everyone who participated, it starts in 7 days!


Hey I might be a little bit late for this event, but hopefully I won’t be but I thought I’d let you know

Alright, thanks for saying that

I’ll keep it in mind

Just a heads up for anyone, gate 1 is now taken, that means everything is now full. And to anyone who is participating, Have a good flight!!

Actually, nevermind, one user got suspended, so the Delta 757 flight to KATL is open, be sure to get it if you want to!

(Edit: there’s a CRJ-200 Aruba Airlines flight to Barranquilla open, feel free to choose it if you like!)

Ima add a jetblue flight here, but just it me on standby

And idk why there is no current flights on this

I don’t understand, would you like to participate? Also the reason there is no flight is because that’s a spot for small planes and there aren’t any that do operate that route with the planes in IF atm