13MAR21 / 1800Z - Aruba Flyout! - @ TNCA

Hello eveyone, this is my first event, I decided to do it since the 12th of March is my birthday. (Not born or living on Aruba) I hope you join this event and if you do, I hope will enjoy it!


Location: TNCA, Reina Beatrix Airport, Aruba

Time: 1800Z, 2021-03-13T18:00:00Z (Local is AST)
Server: Training

Extra Info: Please spawn 15 minutes before 1800Z, pushback 10 minutes later. Please use runway 11. Atc: @AGSilver_04

Gate 01 / 772 / KLM / EHAM /

Gate 02 / A320 / Avianca / SKBO / @Fung_Sum-sum

Gate 03 / 737 / Southwest / KBWI / @barbadian

Gate 04 / 739 / United / KIAH / @BonaireDude

Gate 05 / 739 / United / KEWR / @DeltaFox

Gate 06 / 737 / Southwest / KMCO / @Icey

Gate 07 / A320 / Aruba / TNCC-KMIA / @plane_guy12

Gate 08 / 752 / American / KMIA / @Ahmed1

Remote stands:

RS 20 / Currently no flights

RS 21 / CRJ2 / Aruba / TNCC /

RS 22 / CRJ2 / Aruba / SKBQ /

Are all of the gates full? Fly a GA aircraft at the GA ramps. (South of the airport)

GA ramps: (I’ll just put your username here)

If you joined, thanks! Also, want to change aircraft, airline, destination? Ask me, I’ll say yes or no.


Hi @BonaireDude
It’s a great event, I like the pic. I have a soft spot for Aruba having visited there twice.
Is this on training server? You might receive more responses if it’s on Expert. Unless you are not grade 3 yet.
I would like TUI 788 to EGKK (Gatwick). This route is IRL weekly. TUI also fly to (Manchester) pre covid

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Well, I see they only do those in the summer, are you fine with a tui to EHAM?

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Ok I’ll have EHAM route please
Yes TUI flights to Aruba from UK are seasonal

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Thanks👍 @BonaireDude

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Your welcome! I hope you will enjoy!

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May I get this? Thanks :)

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Yes! I’ll sign you up.

This one pls @BonaireDude

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Sure, hope you enjoy!

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Gate 5 please!

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Will do!!!

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Should I make a PM about this?

Lol I think I’ll stick with this flight pls

Sure, that will do!

Thanks, see you there!

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Actually can I change my aircraft to a 757-200?

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Yes please

Old or new livery? I prefer new