13MAR21/ 1430Z-Fire event @LFTW

Fire at the Col de Vence behind Nice airport I will be the first to guide you, you will follow me behind me. 4 Dash 8q 400, and 8 canadairs except that there is no canadair on infinite flight, I will try to ask to put canadairs with livery “civil security” with realistic water to bail out on the sea for canadairs .

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Dash 8 q 400 livrée “sécurité civile” and Canadair livrée “Sécurité civile”

  • Route:
    LFTW to LFMD to LFTW for dash and canadairs LFTW to Col de Vence to LFTW

  • Time of Departure:

  • Server:

  • Additional Information:

Hello, the flight looks really good. But…

I suggest taking a look to the category guidelines. You only need to put correctly your title and put the date of departure, which it cannot be posted more than 3 hours until departure…

Hope this helps mate :)


The correct format is:

Day Month Year / Zulu Time - Fire event @ ICAO

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thank you very much for your help, this is the first time I create an event and I don’t know for the canadair to put it on infinite flight just for the event.

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This looks like an awesome event! Unfortunately, in order to make an #live:events topic, you would need to be TL2. The #live:groupflights category is only for group flights within a 3 hour time slot.

No worries though as I’m sure you will be there very soon. Just keep liking, commenting, and contributing positive the community like you already are 🙂