13JUN21 / 1800Z - Reviving Old Routes Fly-In @MMMX


About the Event:
Welcome everyone to my first event! This time as I was searching for new airlines to come and visit Mexico City, I saw that Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines amongst others came to Mexico City but some pulled out because there was a lot of demand and since other US Carriers where there, there was competition between airlines. So this event is to revive those old routes and airlines that once came here to Mexico City!

Mexico City International Airport

Event Specifics:

Server: Expert
Airport: Benito Juarez International Airport MMMX
Time: 18:00 ZULU

Gates T1
Gate at MMMX Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure Time (ZULU) Pilot
1 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 KHOU - Houston 16:20Z
2 Viva Aerobus Airbus A320 KJFK - New York 13:50Z
3 Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 KSAT - San Antonio 16:50Z
4 Viva Aerobus Airbus A320 MMCL - Culiacan 16:50Z
5 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 KSFO - San Francisco 14:30Z
6 Volaris Airbus A319 KJFK - New York 13: 40Z
8 Viva Aerobus Airbus A320 KDFW - Dallas 16:40Z
9 Mexicana Airbus A318 MMCP - Campeche 16:10Z
10 Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 KSFO - San Francisco 14:30Z @Henrik003
11 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 KLAX - Los Angeles 14:50Z @IFHAITI
12 Mexicana Airbus A318 KMCO - Orlando 15:00Z
13 JetBlue Airbus A320 KBOS - Boston 12:40Z
14 JetBlue Airbus A321 KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 15:00Z
15 Mexicana Airbus A318 KJFK - New York 14:10Z
16 JetBlue Airbus A320 KMCO - Orlando 14:30Z
17 MexicanaClick Boeing 717-200 MMUN - Cancun 16:40Z
27 US Airways Airbus A320 KPHL - Philadelphia 13:30Z
28 US Airways Boeing 757-200 KCLT - Charlotte 13:10Z

Long Hauls T1:

Gate at MMMX Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure Time (ZULU) Pilot
22 Iberia A350-900 LEMD - Madrid 06:00Z
23 British Airways Boeing 747-400 EGLL .- London 06:30Z
31A KLM Boeing 747-400 EHAM - Amsterdam 06:00Z
26 Lufthansa Boeing 747-800 EDDF - Frankfurt 05:40Z
25 Air France Airbus A380 LFPG - Paris 06:20Z

Cargo Routes:

Gate at MMMX Airline Aircraft Departure Pilot
43 Cargolux Boeing 747-8 ELLX - Luxemburg 06:00Z
44 Lufthansa Cargo 777F EDDF - Frankfurt 05:30Z
45 Qatar Cargo 777F LEZG - Zaragoza 06:10Z
Gates T2
Gate at MMMX Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure Time (ZULU) Pilot
69 Aeromexico 737-700 MMGL - Guadalajara 16:50Z
68 Aeromexico 787-8 MMUN - Cancun 16:00Z @ORD777flyer
67 Aeromexico 777-200ER KLAX - Los Angeles 15:00Z @askrdl
66 Aeromexico 757-200 SKBO - Bogota 13:50Z
65 Aeromexico 737-700 KORD - Chicago 14:20Z
64 Aeromexico 737-700 KIAH - Houston 16:00Z
63 Aeromexico 737-700 KSEA - Seattle 13:00Z
61 Copa Airlines 737-800 MPTO - Panama City 14:00Z
54 Delta Airlines 757-200 KJFK - New York 13:30Z
53 Delta Airlines A319 KMSP - Minneapolis 14:00Z
52 Delta Airlines 737-800 KATL - Atlanta 14:00Z

Long Hauls:

Gate at MMMX Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure Time (ZULU) Pilot
57A LATAM Boeing 787-9 SBGR - Sao Paulo 09:00Z @Deakin
55A Aeromexico Boeing 777-200ER LFPG - Paris 05:50Z

Note: Some of these routes are still existent


When Flying Into Mexico City, Make sure to maintain sufficient spacing as the airport in real life does not allow parallel landings due to the runways being too close.
If there is IFATC at the Airport please be sure to follow their Instructions.


Don’t forget Viva and Volaris from BJX… I think they had that route before.

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Yeah, I think they still do, I am not sure

On Aeromexico flies that route now :/

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Oh yeah, But its hard to believe that Southwest, JetBlue etc.
Event flew here!

Yeah, sad that they stopped :(

Yeah, you from MMMX?

Nope, Los Angeles

Oh Nice! Thanks for the Info :)

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Hey there! MMMX is part of the South America ATC region, please change the tag so that ATC can staff your event.


Ahh Sorry Will do :)

Can I take this flight in the 777-200ER

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Sure! Its yours Enjoy the Flight!

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This please

Should be a nice event!!
Can i have the one From LAX, Alaska Airlines?? Please

Its yours! Enjoy!

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Of course! Its yours, enjoy the flight!

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Thanks man!

Can I have this please

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Sorry I put it twice lol.