13JUN20/ 2200Z- Summer Vacation @MMUN

Summary: this will be a big fly out of one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Flights go to North America, South America, and Europe with a wide variety of planes and airlines. Cancun also features a large GA apron for those who don’t want to fly commercial. Cancun has some beautiful coastline scenery. I’ve been wanting to do a fly out here for a while, and with the addition of the viva aerobús A320 it’s now possible.

Magni charters (Terminal 1)

SO1: GMTxxxx-MMLO-737BBJ
SO2: GMTxxxx-MMMX-737BBJ
S03: GMTxxxx-MMGL-737BBJ
SO4: GMTxxxx-MMMY-737BBJ
SO5: GMTxxxx- MMNL-737BBJ
SO7: GMTxxxx- MMCU-737BBJ

Terminal 2 AeroMexico, Interjet, Turkish, Volaris, and VivaAerobus.

Remote stand 1 Interjet(generic A320) choice
Remote stand 2 Interjet (generic A320) choice
Remote stand 3 Interjet (generic A320) choice

Remote 5 AeroMexico 737-700 Havana,Cuba
Remote 6 AeroMexico 737-700 Mexico City
Remote 7 AeroMexico 737-700 Monterey

Remote 8 Volaris A319 choice
Remote 9 Volaris A319 choice
Remote 10 VivaAerobus A320 choice
Remote 11 VivaAerobus A320 choice

Gate 14 VivaAerobus choice
Gate 15 VivaAerobus choice
Gate 16 VivaAerobus choice
Gate 17 VivaAerobus choice
Gate 18 VivaAerobus choice

Gate 19 Turkish 777-200 instanbul

Gate 20 Volaris Choice
Gate 21 Volaris Choice
Gate 22 Volaris Choice
Gate 23 Volaris Choice
Gate 24 Volaris choice
Gate 25 Volaris choice

Terminal 3 Air Canada, Air Caraïbes es, Alaskan, American, Avianca, British airways, Copa, Delta, JetBlue, LATAM, spirit, And United

Gate 26 Delta 737-800 choice
Gate 27 Delta 737-900 choice
Gate 28 American 737 to DFW, ORD, JFK, PHX
Gate 29 American A320 to CLT or MIA
Gate 30 United 737 choice
Gate 31 United 737 choice
Gate 32 copa 737 to MPTO Panamá city
Gate 33 spirit A321 choice
Gate 34 spirit A321 choice
Gate 35 JetBlue JFK or BOS
Gate 36 JetBlue FLL or MCO
Gate 37 any American airline
Gate 38 any American airline
Gate 39 air Canada rouge choice
Gate 40 Air Canada A319 choice
Gate 41 Air Canada A321 choice
Gate 42 Avianca A320 to Bogota SKBO
Gate 43 Air Caraïbes A350 to París Orly LFPO
Gate 44 Alaska 737-900 to Seattle KSEA
Gate 45 British airways 777-200 to EGKK London Gatwick
Gate 46 TUI 787 choice
Gate 47 LATAM A320 to Lima SPJC
Gate 48 LATAM 787 to Santiago de Chile SCEL

Terminal 4 Frontier, Southwest, WestJet, TUI, Airfrance, Condor, Air Europa, Lufthansa, Evolop

53 TUI 787 choice
54 southwest 737 choice
55 southwest 737 choice
56 frontier A320 choice
57 Frontier A320 choice
58 WestJet 737-800 choice
59 WestJet 737-800 choice
60 Air France 777-200 Paris LFPG
61 Cóndor 767 Frankfurt EDDF
62 Air Europa 787 Madrid LEMD
63 Lufthansa A330 Frankfurt EDDF
64 Evelop A350 madrid LEMD



When chosing a choice route please us this as a reference

airport layout and diagram

Please let me know if you have any questions I’ll try to answers them. If you have any questions with the route, airline, or plane please lmk

Expert: Server
MMUN: Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
2200 on Saturday June 13


Do You Need Any Help With the gates, They look like they need help…

No, did the come out wierd they appear fine in my screen

For me…

No that’s how there supposed to look, what’s wrong with them

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Well I am making One and it looks like this…

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
D3 KBOS A320
D5 KCLT 737-800
D7 KCLT 737-800

(that is a small part of it.)


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