13JUN20 / 2000Z - Wild Weekends #1 @ RJTT

             **This event is sponsored by Japan Virtual Airlines**


About Tokyo and Sapporo

Tokyo is the most populated city and the world, and with 40 million people, there are bound to be those that want to escape for the weekend. Sapporo, the fifth-largest city in Japan, is home to a bustling beer and tuna industry. These two populous cities are connected by land, sea, and air, with many flights between New Chitose International Airport and the 2 major Tokyo airports (Haneda & Narita) each day.

Aircraft Information

This event will be operated on Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200. Please RSVP for this event with a comment below, and your callsign of choice!

About JVA

  1. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 16 - @PrestonThePilot JVA1

  2. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 15 - @MaineAviator JVA5

  3. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 14 - @PilotPatrick JVA2

  4. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 13 - @CMSpotter JVA3

  5. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 12 -

  6. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 11 -

  7. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 10 -

  8. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 9 -

  9. Domestic Terminal 1, Gate 8 -

FPL (Will be here 1 hour prior to the event):

Server: Expert

Airport: Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)

Time: 2000Z 2020-06-13T04:00:00Z

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER (JAL livery)

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Awesome, I’ll take the gate! My callsign is JVA1!

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Perfect! I’ll add you to the list

I’ll be there! JVA5 for me

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Awesome! I’ll mark you down

How long would the flight be

1h - 1h 30m

K I can’t make it probably. Srry

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No worries!

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I’ll take a gate, JVA003

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Awesome! See you there!!

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