13JUN20 / 2000Z - Virgin America GroupFight @ KSEA to KSAN

  • Virgin America A320-200:

  • Seattle(KSEA) to San Diego(KSAN):

  • 2020-06-13T20:00:00Z:


  • You can be Alaska Airlines if you want as well. I am making a movie for my YouTube channel out of this flight too:

Looks like fun! Please follow the title guidelines for the #live:groupflights category :)

DD = Day
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HH = Hours
MM = Minute
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ICAO = The 4 letter airport code of the airport your event is at

This topic has more information about the category as well if you’re interested:

I just filled in the info it told me to

Awesome! You have all of the required info in the post, however the title needs to be edited. For this one it would be like this:

13JUN20 / 2000Z - Virgin America Grouplfight @ KSEA to KSAN

For clarification on why it would be like that, look at my above post :)

ok. Sounds good

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at gate c17 rn

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