13JUN20 / 1600Z Kona airport flyout part 2! @PHKO

Summary: Welcome to my 2nd anual PHKO flyout! This year it will be on the 13th of June. This event is going to be a realistic and fun flyout. You may edit routes as long as I approve. You may also do the same for planes. There may be times where I can’t get back to you within the day. That is okay, I will see you. Enjoy!

Server: As always with me, Expert, will be official day of event

Airport: *PHKO, KOA Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport!

Time *1610Z 2020-06-13T18:00:00Z


Also watch my YT video with a landing there.

Terminal 1 (United, JAL, American, Delta, Southwest

Gate 1: UAL B739 to KSFO @OrcaKid
Gate 2: UAL B752 to KDEN
Gate 3: American B772 to DFW @ORD777flyer
Gate 4: Southwest B738 to PHNL Or KOAK
Gate 5: Island air DH8D to PHOG

Terminal 2 Alaska, Hawaiian

Gate 6: Alaska B739 to KSEA
Gate 7: Alaska B739 to KOAK
Gate 8: Hawaiian A333 Or B763 to KSJC
Gate 9: Hawaiian B712 to PHNL
Gate 10: Hawaiian B712 to PHLI

International Arrivals

INTL 1: JAL B772 to RJTT
INTL 2: (sometimes the AA a321 parks here so that’s what I’m doing) American A321 to KLAX

GA and Cargo

Tie down 6-1: your choice
Tie down 6-2: TBM-930 to KSQL (I’ve done this before, it’s just luck. But it’s fun!)
Tie down 6-3: your choice
Tie down 6-4: C750 to RJBB
South ramp parking 1: BBJ B737 to KPDX
South ramp parking 2: C750 to KOAK
South ramp parking 3: TBM 930 island hopping (final dest: PHLI)

Cargo ramp 1: FDX C208 to PHNL
Cargo ramp 2: FDX C208 to PHNN
Cargo ramp 3: FDX C208 to PHOG


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Oh and I have not decided what do do here also.

And please fix the title if I did something wrong.

Hey! Quick fix, The title My second annual Kona airport flyout is too long try something like Kona Flyout (Part 2) @PHKO Thank you

Ok no problem!

I’ll come. Is this a Flyout or a group flight?

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This is a fly out.

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Ok sorry. Can I go to DFW in an American 777-200ER

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Ok that would be gate 3. See ya there!

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Hey There! Happy Birthday!

Just a quick fix with your title!

I would put a space on the left and the right of the “/“


Ok will do!

plus, thanks, :)

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Ok thanks so much man!!!

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No problem! Anytime! Just ask!

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Thanks man. Once again.

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Can I take an Alaska plane to SEA?

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Yeah! Sure no problem. I think that’s Gate 6 on a B739. See ya there!

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Anyone else?

actually I will not be able to make it *

Ok, sorry to hear that. I will remove you.

Anyone: Kona

@NoahM: image