13JUN20 / 1400Z - Gatwick Flyout! @EGKK

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The Gatwick Flyout!

About Gatwick

Gatwick Airport, also known as London Gatwick, (IATA: LGW) (ICAO: EGKK) is a major international airport near Crawley, West Sussex, southeast England, 29.5 miles (47.5 km) south of Central London. It is the second busiest airport by passenger traffic in the UK, after Heathrow Airport. Gatwick is the ninth busiest airport in Europe… Read More On Wikipedia

Why Gatwick?

Well, it’s a base to many airlines, in the likes of - and although this is sadly soon to change - British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair, Easyjet, and many more!

Gatwick offers routes all over the world, from a short hop to Jersey in the Channel Islands, to long hauls to the USA! It has a nice long runway - and another one but we’ll get to that in a sec - and plenty of stands!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Time: 131400ZJUN20 (Saturday, 13th of June 2020, at 1400Z)
Airport: EGKK - London Gatwick 🇬🇧


Here’s the fun part: Choosing Your Gate!

If you would like to change the destination, feel free to request it. Please if possible though provide evidence the route is flown in real life. It can be a route that has been closed, or temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Please reply to this theead with your request gate, and change in destination if desired.

South Terminal
Gate Operator Aircraft Type Destination ICAO Code Pilot
S01 British Airways A319-100 LEMH TBD
S02 Aegean A320-200 LGAV @Juan_Cruz_Gallego
S03 British Airways A320-200 LFPG @JornGroen
S04 Austrian A321-200 LOWW @nolan_brant12
S05 British Airways B777-200ER TXKF @InfiniteAviation06
S06 Tui B737-800 LCLK TBD
S10 British Airways A319-100 EGJJ @Pilot_Felix
S13 Ryanair B737-800 EIDW @Prerb
S14 Ryanair B737-800 LEGE TBD
S15 British Airways B777-200ER KJFK @Pingu
S17 Norwegian B787-9 KFLL @CaptainZac
S18 Aer Lingus A321-200 EIDW @GameBoy_KIRB
S19 Tui B737-800 LPMA @Neddheadbedshed_Boom
S20 Vueling A321-200 LFPG @FloAviation
S22 Turkish Airlines B737-900 LTAC @Param_Patnaik
S23 British Airways B777-200ER MKJP @Kevinsoto1502
S24 Brussels Airlines A319-100 EBBR TBD
S25 British Airways B777-200ER OMDB @Finnishboy
S26 Wizz Air A321-200 EPKK @Charlieab29
S27 Norwegian B787-9 KLAX @TylerShah
S28 WizzAir A321 LHBP @Bradgibbs01
S152 Norwegian B787-9 KMCO @Tommy_Chadburn
North Terminal
Gate Operator Aircraft Type Destination ICAO Code Pilot
N46 easyJet A320-200 GCLP @easyWig
N47 easyJet A320-200 LEPA @DannyHL
N48L easyJet A319-100 LEAL @15shawo
N48R easyJet A319-100 LEMH @DeccyB
N48 TUI B787-9 MDPC @charrison
N49 easyJet A320-200 LFMN @InfiniteFlightDeck
N49L TUI B787-8 MMUN @Khainto
N53L easyJet A319-100 EETN @Tsumia
N53R easyJet A319-100 EHAM @PilotGeorge04
N49R TUI B737-700 HEGN TBD
N50 easyJet A319-100 EGJJ @Joshbaker
N51 Vueling A320-200 LIRF @GLITCH_GAMES
N52 easyJet A319-100 GMMX @Aymane_Belkadi
N53 easyJet A320-200 LOWI @Pontso
N54 easyJet A320-200 LPMA @DanG387
N64L easyJet A320-200 LPFR @Josh_104
N64R easyJet A320-200 LEMH @Jords
N65 easyJet A319-100 LXGB @Blink
N66L easyJet A320-200 GCLP @Kyle0705
N101 easyJet A320-200 LEAL @TommyGarrett
N110 Emirates A380-800 OMDB @orangePHdeaf
N573 Virgin Atlantic B747-400 KMCO @jonspacepilot

More gates will be made available if necessary.

Event information will be posted on the day of the event, likrly around 1100Z.

Airport Diagram


This event is proudly sponsored by easyJet Virtual
Join easyJet Virtual today to bring some more of the wonderful orange spirit to the community! Because everyone loves an 🍊🤪! Our CEO, Iyren, @easyWig, an easyJet flight attendant based out of Gatwick in real life, is an amazing leader, and always welcoming to new pilots. I remeber when I first joined a few months ago. It was the first VA I joined and I am so glad I did. With nearly 100 pilots now, it is the best community I think there is on the IFC! You’ll never run out of banter, and there’s always chatter going on on our Slack workspace. So why not join⁉️

A Quote From Our CEO

“EasyJet Virtual is proud to be sponsoring this Gatwick flyout Created by George & Joseph. This is another opportunity for us to engage with the whole community even if pilots are in the virtual airline or not. We always want to engage with others as we want this to be a fun & exciting community for us all. We have amazing skilled pilots a diverse staff team who will help you with anything you need to improve your VA experience. You can take look at our thread below & Join us!”
Official Thread | Website | Instagram



Now, about that other runway I mentioned. Well, as many of you will know, R26R/08L is closed due to it’s close proximity to the other runway 26L/08R! Aircraft may use it as a taxiway, and do not need to announce it’s crossing or request it from ATC. Using this “runway” as a runway will possibly result in ghosting - so basically, Don’t!. In addition to this, IFATC will be present during the event, so, as always, follow all ATC instructions, even if they sound silly, just do it. You can always ask why in a PM later. If Infinite Flight V20.1 has been released and therefore we have SIDs and STARs in app, we kindly ask pilots to use a SID on departure from EGKK. If V20.1 has not been released and therefore we do not have SIDs and STARs in app, pilots are permitted to use them, but just be aware other aircraft might not be using thrm. This is to ensure safe separation from both event traffic, other traffic in Gatwick, and other traffic in the London area. Pilots are responsible for making sure they are aware of other traffic that may bot be using a SID. No one else other than you is responsable for a ghosting - most likely. Of course, always feel free to appeal in the correct way.

Thanks to @GeorgeD for helping organise this event! You have been a great help and awsome co-host of this event! So, thank you! Also, thanks to @easyWig for sponsoring us!


Amazing thread! So glad to be apart of this flyout it will be amazing! Can I please have gate N46 EZYVA1 to GCLP? 😁


Can I take gate S15 to JFK?


@DanG387, @Charlieab29, @easyWig, and @Pingu, you have all been added.


You have to remember that it is a flyout on Infinite Flight, and some people host these for the fun and enjoyment. I understand one or two pointers but a list like you created just there is a little over the top, I’m sure the hosts would recognise it if you just stated one example and said ‘if you want to make this flyout more realistic, change this…’

Also, there will be a lot more traffic here than in real life, so flyouts can never really be 100% realistic.


I understand no flyout can be 100% realistic. Since I’m local, I get minorly triggered over any unrealistic bit. Sure, some bits would be made unrealistic for the fun of it, I get that. But sometimes more realism is more fun, at least in my eyes. This is not personally aimed at him and do not portray it as such. This was something that should’ve been taken to a PM anyways and I’ve withdrawn the post because of that. Forget about it.


I think there is many more things out there to get triggered over at the moment but both of these pilots have done a fantastic job on organising this event which we are proud to be sponsoring.

As stated it cannot be 100% realistic but we need to make it easy for everyone so they enjoy the event overall as it is just a mobile flight sim. This thread was made for users to sign up if they wish to participate. if you do not wish to sign up then you don’t have to comment on the thread.


As great as this looks cant join :/. Great event!!


I’ll take this one please callsign EZYVA369


Thank you Kevin! 😁


Ofcourse Silverlink 🙂


I get that he put his time and effort into the event and I praised him for that. Then again, something to be taken into a PM and sorted there.

I’ve already signed up as a compromise. End of conversation now as people causing uproar over my criticism which should’ve been taken into a PM and already has been and been withdrawn is getting seriously under my skin. From now I’ll just publicly apologise as I was not meant to offend anyone at any time.


N48L Please! EZYVA4

Looks like a brilliant flyout, don’t worry about the criticism as i’m sure this will be an amazing event and I really look forward to coming!

Well done for such a great thread


Maybe take your criticism to a PM as this would be a better way of expressing, the thread is for signing up to the event and finding out information. If you have an issue please PM the organiser!


I did.

End of now. If you wanna add any extra points, my PMs are always open. If it’s here, I’ll refuse to engage now.

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We need positivity at this testing time, let’s stay positive and not clog up his great thread :)


Ok, I think I have added everyone who has requested a gate. Please let me know if I missed you out!


Actually you got anymore BA 777 Gates?


I can add more, definitely. Adding one now.

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Can I be put on standby please then :)