13JUN20 / 0300Z - Flight across the globe Canceled

Hello, Today I want to try to test the longest ranged aircraft in IF we will try to fly across the equator we will most likely not make all the way around but it will be a journey to make it there.

The World (@World) | Twitter

  • Aircraft and Livery: TBD

  • Route: well address in PM

  • Time of Departure: 2020-06-13T03:00:00Z

  • Server:Training

  • Additional Information: This was rushed and just for fun hope you can join
    @AviationFreak I know you like this kind of stuff
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Nice! But pls post a little sooner next time (an hour away for me) :)

yeah sorry this was a last minute decision for me

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No problem!

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so are you in?

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I can’t make it sry. :(

No worry’s

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I can’t make it sry

I have to do something right when the group flight starts

would you be able to make it if I pushed it back an hour?

Maybe, however I do not quite want to fly THAT far, since I have a older generation iPhone, it can just stand and 17hours flight, this is going to be quite a bit longer, so I can’t because if that to
But trust me, if I had a new iPhone, with a lot of Ram, I would do this Flight with you

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Thats fine I’m worried about that myself and I have a newer phone

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I would love to do it, but my game has been crashing lately even on shorter flights, I’d love to do one shorter though!

How so, with the fix? @AviationFreak

I haven’t got the hot fix yet, usually it happens when my iPad starts making a short static sound and the screen freezes shortly and then I crash

The fix was here today like 18 hours ago,

Try restarting you’re iPhone, then look at the app store

yeah you should have it by now

Also, I would personally go on either the Casual or Training Server, because if you perhaps run out of fuel in an ATC controlled area, there could be some issues heh :/

I didn’t think of that I’m going to it to training. Thanks!

I haven’t received it yet