13JUL20 / 2100Z - Mc Call Flyout @ KMYL

Mc call airport is a very nice GA airport in central idaho which serves a large array of different aviation bases, it is home to a smokejumper base for the aircraft that fight forest fires, it is also home to plenty of GA planes and some GA airlines with routes to Boise and other local areas, it also has plenty of private jets that fly in and out of there, finally it’s home to some helicopters as well, This great airport has plenty of
bush flying opportunities just to the east and a beautiful canyon off to the west, off to the north we have lush green forested mountains, fly 100nm east and you will find the stark tall bitterroot mountains, This flyout is to from KMYL to wherever you want since it is GA based please start a KMYL since this is a flyout from there.

Runway length, 6018’
Altitude, 5021ft
Aircraft allowed
Cessna 172
TBM 930
Cessna grand caravan
Cessna citation x.

Gates. 3

Smoke Jumper base
General parking.

only GA aircraft,


Warnings, the airport is at a higher elevation and this event takes place during the summer so aircraft performance will be limited especially in GA aircraft.

The event will be cancelled if the density altitude goes above 12,000ft.

Happy flying!

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Anything wrong with it?

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Title is good. I think you have to add some gate information though

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@StormyAviation, could you add some information to your post — is this a flyout from McCall to other airports? A fly in from other places? Everyone flying one route? Some information about routes people are flying as well as details about the airport and flight will help encourage people to help sign up.

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Hi dude, I will take a C172 and stop at Soldier Bar, Johnson Creek, and few other nice backcountry Idaho strips!

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Nice, Can’t wait!

2 more days guys!

Today is the day, I had to reschedule it but it’s happening at the same time today!