13JUL20 / 0100 Active, Alive, and Awake: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport! @KATL

You betcha! Thanks for signing up! I really appreciate it.

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But can I go with delta 777-200?

yeah, that will work.

Thank you @charrison

Can you give me the door T01 please.

sure! Thanks for signing up!

@charrison I think you accidentally forgot to sign me up and gave my gate to somebody else. Not an issue. I will look for a different route.

Wait I did? Let me look.

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I had the flight to Shanghai.

Shoot you are right. I am so sorry.

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I will ask the person who now has your route if they would like a different route, and give you the flight to Shanghai. Sorry for the inconvience!

It’s not an issue. You can keep @Infinite_Flight_Bra1 there! I will take the route to Doha please!

Edit: Also remember he/she requested an aircraft change to the Boeing 777-200 ER

Okay! Thanks so much!

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Can I have T02 to LGA?

Of course! Thanks for signing up!

You have been signed up!

Sorry! Duty calls! I have work that night and I will unfortunately have to decline for now!

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All good man. :) Work before flight sim.

F03 BA 787-10 to Heathrow

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Sure! Thanks so much for signing up! I will put you in now.