13JAN22 / 0300Z - Jumpstarting the Kangaroo @ YSSY to KLAX

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Qantas A380

  • Route:YSSY-KLAX

  • Time of Departure:0300Z

  • Server:Expert

  • Fun Fact: Qantas restarted A380 service to LAX just yesterday

  • Additional Information: please park at the international terminal in Sydney I will be parked at Gate 8. Please follow all expert server rules. I hope to see you there. My call sign is Qantas 11 Super.
  • I am joining
  • I canโ€™t join

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Itโ€™s at 0300Z now

Hey are you still at the airport?

Itโ€™s in one hour @nOthing2seehere

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Ah yes, my bad

I thought this meant that it is 0300Z now, I misread.

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Flight plan is ready

5 minutes till pushback

Pushing Back next stop LA

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