13JAN22 / 0100Z - Grand Canyon Grand Caravan

Grand Canyon Grand Caravan

Join @Drummer and I as we fly over one of the wonders of the natural world, and terrorize whichever controller is silly enough to open KGCN in the process. The ATC Schedule takes us to the Grand Canyon today, and flying over it is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

We’ll be following the Grand Canyon VFR Chart for this. If you don’t have your own copy handy, use the one below or head over to SkyVector.com and use theirs.


We’ll takeoff out of Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN) under Visual Flight Rules and turn East, heading for point VPGCH. We’ll start our transition over the canyon here, heading Northbound to VPGCI at either 11,500 or 13,500 feet. Keep an eye out for your fellow pilots and make room! No need to follow LNAV the whole time.

Looking for a challenge? See if you can spot where the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers meet! Their waters are different colors. Anyone know why?

We’ve made it across the canyon! Feel free to circle around and get some pictures, or double back across the canyon the same way we came for another look. Adjust your altitude if you do.

Ready to head back south? If you’re continuing on our loop, head for VPGCG where we’ll transition Southbound. Adjust your altitude to 10,500 or 12,500 for the Southbound crossing Keep an eye out for other planes, and head for VPGCF. Somewhere over the canyon is a good place to call into KGCN tower if you’ll be landing there.

Once you’re back over the South Rim, head for KGCN to land. Follow all ATC instructions, grease that puppy down, and hope there’s still an FBO car available. There’s a cold glass of, uh, apple juice waiting for you at the Yavapi Lodge.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any C208


  • Time of Departure: 0100Z

  • Server: Expert

Additional Information:

Still reading? Nerd.

Just kidding. Want to get a little lower? The FSDO called and authorized us to use the Air Tours routes. Add some challenge to your flight by following their numbers over on SkyVector.com. Here’s what you’re looking for:


Last call, boarding doors closing, etc. Everyone ready?


Let’s go!!! 🏜


I find this offensive 😂 (just kidding).

I flew into GCN earlier today with an A321 from DEN. Wayyyy overshot the touchdown zone but the landing itself was chefs kiss muy bien 👌. Tires went skrtttt.


I see all of you flying atm. Will be inbound into GCN shortly. Enjoy the views! 😄


Thanks for the flight. That was a lot of fun! We should do scenic events more often

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Thanks for coming everyone! I had a blast, hope you all did as well. See you next time!

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Juuust made it in ahead of you. Tried to exit quick so you had room. Hope it was a nice flight!

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Thanks! Was a very nice flight with the scenic views at FL430

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Thanks so much! That was very fun.

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Hope you brought air tanks


Thanks to everyone that joined and a huge thank you to @tomthetank for organizing this awesome tour. We hope to do more in the future! ✈️


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