13FEB22/1900z- The Massive Los Angeles Flyout! @KLAX(COMPLETED)

                    MASSIVE Los Angeles FLYOUT!


                         DID YOU KNOW

In 2019, LAX handled 88,068,013 passengers, making it the world’s 3rd busiest airport in the United States. LAX is a hub for Alaska airlines, American Airlines, Delta air lines and United airlines so we should expect this flyout to mention these liveries !

                         LITTLE INTRO:

I am extremely happy to announce that a Flyout at Los Angeles will be happening on the 13th of February! This event is opened to all of you and it will be greatly appreciated if you participate to this event !

                        Event information

Server: Expert server


Time: 1900z ( spawn into your assigned gate 30mins before the event starts

                        Available Gates
Tom Bradley Terminal

Gate 152 B777-300ER/A380 @Aviation25 OMDB

Terminal 2

Gate 24 A220 @Delta21 KSEA

Terminal 4
             Gate     Aircraft/livery   Username
Terminal 5

Gate 52A A320 jetblue @NavigateNinja KLAS
Gate 55A a320 @Klas892 KSEA/KLAS

Terminal 6

Gate 68A b737-900ER @bleu MMPR
Gate 67 B737-900ER @anon36731834 PHOG

Terminal 7

Gate 70B 737-800 @United23 PHKO

  • Please follow ATC instructions
  • I am not responsible for the violations you receive
  • Please use Unicom frequency correctly
  • Have fun!

Our first sign up has been officially approved!

6 days left until we start to hear some engines!
Lets make this topic become more famous so the experience can be incredible and breathtaking!

May i be in any gate on terminal six? Ill be using a boeing 737-900ER with the alaska airlines livery

No problem I’ll sign you up now can I just the route you are going to fly please?

LAX - PVR pls :)

Okay I’ll sign you up right now thanks for your participation

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I just asigned at gate 68A

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@Klas892 what gate and aircraft do you want to fly

gate 68B and a320 with alaska

Okay no problem I’ll sign you up right now thanks again for your participation!

Np I cant wait

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You have been officially signed up on gate 68B

Ok thank you

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May I get gate 67 at Terminal 6 with Alaska Airlines in the 737-900, with destination being KPDX?

Okay @anon36731834 I’ll sign you up. Thanks for your participation!

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You are signed up at gate 67

We need atc and more participants!

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Thanks to an atc supervisor who is looking for atc to control this event!

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