13FEB21 / 1300Z - YouTuber Group Flight: Portugal to Middle Eastern Buzz! @LPPR - OMDB

Hey There! This is a collaboration that Arya (InfiniteArya) and Tadiwa (Taking To The Skies) have been trying to accomplish for ages now. So with no more waiting, we bring to you, the first edition of a YouTuber Group Flight! What better way to celebrate this than to connect a Portugal HUB to the most happening place of Middle East!

With no more rambling, let’s unveil the details! We hope to see you there :)

Event Information -

Route: Porto (Francisco Sá Carneiro) - OMDB (Dubai Int’l)
Flight Time: 6 Hours
Aeroplane/Fleet: Boeing 777-300ER OR Boeing 777 Freighter OR Boeing 777-200LR
Hosts: @InfiniteArya & @Taking_to_the_Skies
Airline: Emirates
Server: Expert Server
Departure & Arrival Time: 2021-02-13T13:00:00Z2021-02-13T19:00:00Z

YouTube Channels & Additional Links -

Find our YouTube Channels below! We will be making individual time-lapses of this flight’s event highlights’ after it is flown.


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Also, @Taking_to_the_Skies is starting his own YouTube Channel! It will be linked when it is made :)

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Gates -

If demand increases, the gates will increase too to satisfy :)

At Porto Airport :

Gate Number IFC Username Aircraft
Remote S41 @Taking_to_the_Skies B77W
Remote S42 @United749 B77W
Remote S43 @MainSky B777-200LR
Cargo T1 @InfiniteArya B77W
Cargo T2 @Aviation2929 F22 (Escort)
Cargo T3 @Champagnepapi B77F
Cargo T4 @Julien_Narayanasawmy B77F
Gate S10
Gate S12

In Dubai, everyone parks in order of landing. Follow @InfiniteArya and park around where we do.

Navigation Details -

Copy the Flight Plan from @InfiniteArya .

Climb, Cruise & Descent:

Cruising Altitude: FL350
Climb Profile: 245/315/0.85
Descent Profile: 0.85/315/245

To reserve a gate: write (or quote) the gate number, aircraft number and the airline you choose to use.


I’ll have this one please

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Cargo T1 Emirates B777F

Please tell me the aircraft too.

Please tell me the plane type too.

I mentioned “B777F” - Boeing 777 Freighter

I’m going to use the B777-300ER

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Sorry, I didn’t see that.

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I’ll take this one: callsign Emirates 661 Heavy, Boeing 777-200LR

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You have been signed up! Thanks for joining :)

Sorry the timing doesnt work for me though I wish you all the best for this event!

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No Problem! See ya :)

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@MainSky, @United749, @Julien_Narayanasawmy


The flight has been preponed by 1 hour to 1300Z (Local: 2021-02-13T13:00:00Z2021-02-13T19:00:00Z)

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Noted @InfiniteArya

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Can I take a spot as an Escort in the F-22 please, I’m not sure when I can do it, or if I can. But sign me up!

Sure! Try your best :)

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anyone here up for a flight at 8 Zulu?

Yeah, tell me?

Can I get cargo T3

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Which plane?