13FEB21 / 1300Z - Ski season flyout @LSGG

Hi everyone ! It’s now time for our passenger to go back home after a beautiful journey in the swiss alps. They rely on you for their return flight :-)

                                 About Geneva Airport

                                       About Geneva
                                      Event details
  • 2021-02-13T13:00:00Z

  • Expert server

  • Geneva Airport

  • Spawn into your assigned gate with enough time to file your flight plan, configure your aircraft etc. etc. (10-15 minutes recommended)

  • I strongly encourage using FPLtoIF to file your flight plan for maximum realism.

  • I have listed the flight numbers for every route so I also encourage everyone to use them as your callsign.

  • Follow IFATC recommendations, maintain professionalism and respect other pilots!

I will not be responsible for any violations received during this event

Gate Destination Airport Livery & Aircraft Flight Number Flight Time User
14 CYUL Montreal AirCanada A330 AC 860 8h30
15 ZBAA Beijing China Airline 77W CI 842 9h50
16 FIMP Mauritus AirMauritus A350 MK 72 11h
17 OMBD Dubai Emirates 77W EK 90 6h20
18 OMAA Abu Dhabi Ethiad 77W EY 52 6h05
19 KJFK New-York Swiss A330 LX 14 9h10
123 LGAV Athens Aegean A320 A3 855 2h45
121 EIDW Dublin AerLingus A320 EI 521 2h10
127 UUEE Moscow Aeroflot 738 SU 2381 3h40
125 LFPG Paris AirFrance A318 AF 1243 1h15
33 LFRB Brest Hop CRJX AF 7736 1h50
32 LIRF Roma Alitalia A321 AZ 575 1h30
31 EGLL London British Airways A319 BA 727 1h50
34 LLBG Tel-Aviv El Al 738 LY 256 3h10
43 EGNX East Midlands Jet 2 738 LS 1950 2h05 @Sam_D206
42 EHAM Amsterdam KLM 739 KL 1924 1h45
44 ENGM Oslo Norwegian 738 DY 8774 2h40
61 LPPT Lisbon TAP A319 TP 949 2h30
62 EGBB Birimingham TUI 738 BY 954 1h50
63 LEBL Barcelona Easyjet A319 U2 1411 1h25
64 LFBD Bordeaux Easyjet A319 U2 1372 1h15
65 LICC Catania Easyjet A320 U2 8398 2h
66 LEMG Malaga Easyjet A320 U2 1431 2h20
67 LFRS Nantes Easyjet A319 U2 1363 1h30
68 LIRN Naples Easyjet A320 U2 1553 1h40
69 LFMN Nice Easyjet A319 U2 1383 1h
11 LEST Santiago de Compostella Easyjet A319 U2 1476 1h25
10 LEMM Menorca Easyjet A319 U2 8966 1h30
09 LGSR Santorini Easyjet A320 U2 3550 3h
08 LIRQ Florence Swiss A319 LX 1680 1h10
05 LEMD Madrid Swiss A321 LX 3483 2h05
04 EDDM Munich Swiss A321 LX 2391 1h10
03 LIBR Brindisi Swiss A319 LX 1545 2h
02 LGIR Heraklion Swiss A321 LX 8348 2h50
01 LEIB Ibiza Swiss A319 LX 3214 1h30
83 LFIH Toulon Swiss A319 LX 6292 1h05
84 LSZH Zurich Swiss A319 LX 2805 0h55

Hello there! Great event. Make sure to change the event title from @LGSS to @LSGG. Airports in Greece start with LG## :)


Hi again @saam! Looks like a good event! Can I take the Jet2 738 to East Midlands? C:

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Tagging somebody just because they replied to a thread can be a bit annoying to the others unless you ask for their permission. 🙂

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Sorry I will edit and delete the tags. C: (I’m still quite new to IFC)

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Yay! Thanks I am looking forward to it! I also glad to be the first one taking part! C:

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