13DEC20/2200Z - The tropical Flyout @ MMUN [CANCELLED]

BTW I don’t know how I accidentaly moved this to #general l lol. Thanks @sqeezelemon

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haha lol, np

Happens. I one day somehow accidentally moved my #real-world-aviation post to #general while editing and next thing I know I need a mod to get it back to RWA

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I’ll take gate 30 to KMIA please!

30 - American / American A320 Miami: KMIA

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Good event ! so i don’t have pro now

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Thanks for you appreciation. Don’t worry, If you can come just tell me. :)

Edit: To be honest this was my best at the moment.

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terminal 2 | southwest | B739 | Kfll (Fort Lauderdale hollywood international):

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can you tell me what gate you want to give me (in terminal 2)?

thank you in advance!

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Give me a sec…

There’s no Southwest B737-900 in the IF fleet.
You have the other option on taking the flight of Spirt airlines at Terminal 3.

um can I do terminal 2 | southwest | B738 | Kfll (Fort Lauderdale hollywood international)?

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You’re assigned to GATE 18 :)

Next event is up!!! :)
19DEC20 / 1800Z - The Lima Flyout @ SPJC

Signups still up!!! 3 weeks and 1 day Until takeoff!!!

Come and grab your gate :)

I’m in Cancún right now, guys… lol

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Beautiful, isn’t it?


Is it possible to get the A359 to madrid gate 44A ?

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Yes sir, bienvenido:)

Traduction: Welcome

Muchas Gracies
Traduction : thousands thank haha

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