13DEC20/2200Z - The tropical Flyout @ MMUN [CANCELLED]



Sorry for low quality, but it´s beautiful, isn´t it? :)

Welcome to Cancún, state of Quintana Roo, In México. In this event we are flying out from Cancun International airport. Cancun is well known for it´s Hotel Zone, the beautiful views of the Caribbean, and it´s closeness to Riviera Maya, one of the most visited places in México and in the world. This will be a pretty special flyout for 2 things. First one: I would like to invite all to depart via the Hotel Zone visual at 3000 ft. Second, some players if interested can land their planes in MMUN, So I´m going to save gates for the arriving pilots. :)
About Cancun Airport


DATE & TIME: 2020-12-13T22:00:00Z

  1. Respect Unicom: Don´t troll, maintain safe distance (Min: 7nm) and use it correctly.

  2. If the case that IFATC Decides to pick this event for their weekly schedule, Always follow the controller´s instructions.

  3. Arriving players can come when they want, from any airport :)

  4. Departing players must join 15-10 minutes prior for depature

  5. Im not Responsable for Any Violation or Report.

  6. NOTAM: Runway 12L/30R May be closed.

  7. Have Fun :)

                  GATE SELECTION

Terminal 1 (Yellow)

All is Magni: Use generic livery Please

Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination & ICAO Pilot
S01 Magni Generic B737-700 México City: MMMX
S02 Magni Generic B737-700 Guadalajara: MMGL
S03 Magni Generic B737-700 Mérida: MMMD
S04 Magni Generic B737-700 Puebla: MMPB
S05 Magni Generic B737-700 León El Bajío: MMLO
S07 Magni Generic B737-700 Nuevo Laredo: MMNL
Terminal 2 (Green)5 REMAINING
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination & ICAO Pilot
14 Copa Airlines Copa Airlines B738 Panamá Tocumen: MPTO @DeltaFox
15 Southwest Heart B738 Chicago Midway: KMDW
16 Alaska Airlines Virgin B739 Seattle Tacoma: KSEA
17 Delta Delta A333 Atlanta Hartsfield:KATL @Cooper_Marcukaitis
21 Aeromexico Aeromexico B737 México City: MMMX @Aviation108
22 Volaris Volaris A319 Kansas City: KMCI
23 JetBlue JetBlue A321 New York JFK:KJFK
25 Southwest Heart B738 Denver: KDEN
Terminal 3 (Red)

Note: International airlines only

Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination & ICAO Pilot
26 Condor Generic B763 Frankfurt: EDDF
27 Frontier The Manatee A320 Newark: KEWR
28 Southwest Canyon Blue B737 Baltimore: KBWI
29 American American A321 Philadelphia: KPHL
30 American American A320 Miami: KMIA @thomas_purdy1
31 United United 2019 B738 Los Ángeles: KLAX
33(A) United United Normal B789 San Francisco: KSFO
35(A) British Airways British Airways B78X London Gatwick: EGKK
36 WestJet WestJet B738 Calgary: CYYC
37 Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto- Pearson: CYYZ
40 Spirit Spirit A320 Fort Lauderdale: KFLL
41 Avianca Avianca A318 Bogotá: SKBO
42 United United Normal A320 Houston Intercontinental: KIAH @Mateo_CD
44(A) Iberia Iberia A350 Madrid Barajas: LEMD @IFCaptainNore
46(A) LATAM Chile LATAM B789 Santiago de Chile: SCEL
47 Delta Delta A321 Salt Lake City: KSLC
48 United United 2019 B738 Washington Dulles: KIAD
Terminal 4 (Blue)
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination & ICAO Pilot
53 Aeromexico Connect Generic E190 Monterrey: MMMY
54 Southwest Heart B737 Houston Hobby: KHOU
55 Interjet Generic A321 Lima: SPJC
58(A) Air France Air France B772ER Paris Charles de Gaulle: LFPG
59 Aeromexico Aeromexico B737 Guadalajara: MMGL
60(A) Aeromexico Aeromexico B788 Tijuana: MMTJ
63 Interjet Generic A320 La Habana: MUHA
64 Condor Generic B763 Düsseldorf: EDDL
General Aviation (Black)

We have 37 GA “gates”, each one divided in A & B.

Gate Plane Pilot
  1. When signed up, take a moment to check your gate in the Map: Home screen-Solo/Live-Map.
  2. The gates that I didn´t mentioned are for ARRIVALS only.
  3. For arriving pilots: you can take one of the gates that I didn´t mentioned, or you can take a unoccupied gate.
  4. Again, I invite all for depart via the Hotel Zone (visual). You can check the locations of the Airport and the Hotel Zone for guidance.

A PM will come 1 week before the event. Hope to see you there. :)

Previous event: 6DEC/1900Z - The Mexican Hot & High Flyout @ MMMX

Next event: 19DEC2020 / 1800Z - The Lima Flyout @ SPJC

P.D. Extra gates
Gate Airplane/Livery Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
38 United/United B739 Houston KIAH @nolan_brant12
18 Southwest/Any livery B738 Fort Lauderdale KFLL @Avgeek

I’ll take this one please! Funny thing is, I leave Cancun a week before this event IRL!

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There you go, welcome

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Thank you very much.

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Grab your gates!!! :)

This gate please.

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@DeltaFox You´re in :)

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Signups available!!

Come in and grab a gate.

I’ll take terminal 2, gate 21 please

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You´re in @Aviation108

5 Gates of Terminal 2 remaining

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No DFW 787 AA route?

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Oops, haha, thanks for letting me know @Huzefa_Bohri. If you want you can tell me what gate do you want and I will modify it:)

No worries 😉, I’ll have the 787 to Dallas as it is my hometown :)

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There´s gates available so if you want to come inbound to land from DFW, feel free to do it:) Signed up myself BTW JAJA



Hey, I know that the KIAH gate is already taken, but do you mind making another gate for me to KIAH, but please put me on the United 737-900? Thanks so much!

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Sure, give me a sec…

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Thank you so much!

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You´re assigned to gate 38 :)

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Thanks so much! Looking forward!

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