13AUG23: The Paro Fly-in!

Welcome to The Paro Fly-In!

Welcome to my first event at this legendary airport! In this event, we will start our journey at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (VIDP) and end by piloting the challenging approach on runway 10 at Paro! (VQPR)

Server: Training
Date: 13 August 2023
Time: 19:00z - 21:00z
Aircraft: Airbus a319
** Please Spawn in 15 minutes prior to the Event!


@FedEx420, @ ayyjay, @GearDownAviationYT, @Butter575, @asamakot, @anon3015028, @Kheelan_Sarathee


Frequency Controller
Delhi Ground @3Ssomy167
Delhi Tower @3Ssomy167
Delhi Approach @Serein_W
Kathmandu Center @United403
Delhi Center @United403
Paro Center @United403
Paro Tower @Prestoni

I’ll take these

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ok thanks!

I’ll help with these

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Got you signed up! You want to do Kathmandu center as well?

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Can I get a tower I’m pretty good at Atc

Maybe paro tower

Sorry it’s already taken!

Can it be on expert server then

you arent even in IFATC

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I don’t want to limit people from this event so I’ll keep it on training and plus you aren’t even IFATC


Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to this!

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I would do it if it was an casual but if I wasn’t there would fly calm down bud

im calm lol

I’m not in ifatc cause it won’t let me join idk why

yes please

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Are you grade 3? You need a lot of knowledge on atc to join

Yes I’m grade 3

do you fit all the requirements

Like What.