13AUG21 / 1400Z - CYOW to KOSH all military flight!

Hey IFC today I am doing a flight from Ottawa McDonald to Whitman regional. This will be an all military flight so please spawn in one of the following aircraft with the appropriate livery.
C-130, DC-10F or any fighter jets

  • Route:
    FPL will be ready to copy. Cruising altitude will be 30,000 feet.
  • Time of Departure:
    1400 Zulu or 1000 EST
  • Server:
    Expert server

  • Additional Information:
    If IFATC is staffing these airports please adhere to the rules. Otherwise please use Unicom correctly. Please spawn 10 minutes before pushback. Feel free to do refueling procedures once in the air. I will be in The USAF DC-10F. Please let me know if you’re coming!

Happy to join, I’ll rock a C-130 (C/S Thunder 41) or a DC-10F.

Unless you want some fighters for escort?

Whatever you choose see you there!

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Great day to join the military flight!

Hi, what is the flight time?

1400 Zulu that is in 25 minutes

Just spawned in pushback is in 15 minutes! Any last minute joiners?

Can you takeoff first? I will then match your speed

What speed do you want to cruise at?

M internet dropped out. 😔. Sorry mate, I’m in a quarantine centre and it was looking like the connection would hold. Spoke to soon I guess. All the best for your flight, and Godspeed,

Thunder 41,
Sadly signing off for tonight.

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Thanks sorry that you’re in a quarantine center. Nice flying with you.

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