13AUG20 / 1500-1600Z - The St. Barth's landing competition @TFFJ [FINISHED]

The St. Barth’s landing competition!

Hello and welcome to my St. Barth’s landing competition! This event is most likely going to be nothing like any event you have ever been to before! For thus event, we are going to be seeing who can land the largest plane at St. Barth’s airport in the Caribbean. Many of you will know of this airport because of its short runway. No large planes are allowed to operate here. But in this event we are going to change that! (Who cares about rules, right?)

The event will last an hour long, and you have unlimited attempts to land large planes at the airport. For most of the time, I will be spawned in a Cessna on the ramp spectating your landings. I might participate in some attempts as well!

Whoever lands the largest plane wins the competition! Please note: C130s are not going to count in the competition because they are too easy. At the end, I will create a podium for the three largest planes. Duplicate planes will not be allowed (For example, if two people land the 737-800, only the first person to succeed gets credit.)

You can spawn in at any carribean airport and fly over to St. Barth’s, but it will most likely be at Princess Juliana.

Server:Casual server (To avoid any violations)

Airport: Gustaf III airport (TFFJ)

Time: 2020-08-13T15:00:00Z2020-08-13T16:00:00Z

Signups so far


Extra Information:

  • If I am not spectating your landing, please send me a video of your landing by 1510Z on that date.

  • There are no gate reservations for the event, just please say that you will attend so that I can create a group PM

  • Select “light” in weight and balance for you landing

I hope to see you there!


I’ll attend with pleasure!


Let’s bring @Swiss over here.


Yeah! Great idea!

@Swiss come here please 🥺


Remember, if you are planning on attending please let me know. Thanks!

I should be able to attend. If not i will tell you.

I can’t attend I will be in school 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I know it sucks.

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Count me in!

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Thanks for signing up everyone!

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I ll also like to land there. I ll let you know if I can get a slot:)

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I’ll be there

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Yeah I ll like to do a landing there please.

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So can I get a slot

I like a friendly competition, I’ll be there! Just a question, are we using runway 10 for the approach?

I want to join the competition please. Also is there any weight rules?

and can we retry again and again?

I believe there aren’t any weight rules, and to answer your second question:

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@Vishark107 yep, you can absolutely come!
@Logan_Lee thanks for signing up! And yes, we will be using runway 10 for landings.
@anon79353067 I think I forgot to put this in the rules but for weight, you will select “Light” for weight and balance. Also, yes, you have unlimited attempts.

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I ll land in a 208 please :)

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Oh, you don’t have to stick to one plane! This is gonna be a competition to see who can land the largest plane safely! You can go for a 208, a 737, or even an A380. Whoever successfully lands the biggest plane wins!

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