13APR24: The Driggs Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome to my first GA flyout in quiet ski town of Driggs, Idaho! Known for its western hospitality 🏨,native history winter sports ⛷️and of course the world renowned Teton and Yellowstone national parks’ ⛰️🏔️!
In 2023, I joined IFAET and began a massive 9 month rework of the Driggs airport, and after a lengthy review process, the airport was released in 24.1, and it was only a matter of time till I gave this airport an event! Well that time is now, and hope you can join me in April to give Teton Valley some traffic 😜!

Event Info
Airport: Driggs Reed Memorial Airport KDIJ
Time: 1700z, 11am mst
Date: Saturday, April 13th 2024
Server: Expert Server

West Hangars
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1 NetJets CL35 Jackson Hole
2 NetJets CL35 Minneapolis/St. Cloud @Mort
3 N930DH TBM9 Arco
4 N930DH TBM9 Rexburg
5 N930DH TBM9 Evanstan
6 N930DH TBM9 Bountiful
7 N930DH TBM9 Cody
8 N930DH TBM9 Wendover UT
9 N930DH TBM9 Twin Falls
10 NetJets CL35 Aspen @MarioIsaguirre
11 Charcoal TBM9 Big Piney/Marbleton
12 Charcoal TBM9 Riverton
13 Charcoal TBM9 Sun Valley @Topgottem
14 Charcoal TBM9 Lander
15 Charcoal TBM9 Logan
16 Charcoal TBM9 Bear Lake
17 Charcoal TBM9 Sun Valley
18 Charcoal TBM9 Ogden
19 Charcoal TBM9 Ketchum
20 Charcoal TBM9 Butte
21 Charcoal TBM9 West Yellowstone @RedWolf
22 Charcoal TBM9 Buffalo
23 Charcoal TBM9 Helena
24 NetJets CL35 Fort Collins @Cole_Woodard
25 NetJets CL35 St. George
26 Maroon TBM9 Astoria Oregon
27 Maroon TBM9 Twin Oaks OR @Prestoni
28 Maroon TBM9 Klamath Falls
29 Maroon TBM9 Preston Idaho
30 Maroon TBM9 American Falls
31 Maroon TBM9 Kemmerer
32 Maroon TBM9 South Salt Lake
33 Maroon TBM9 Dubois WY
West Ramp
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1 Embry Riddle C172 Rexburg
2 Embry Riddle C172 Rigby
3 Embry Riddle C172 Blackfoot
Central Hangars
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1 Private 1 C208 Gardiner 29S
2 Private 2 C208 Ennis/Big Sky
3 Private 1 C208 Pinedale
4 Private 2 C208 Burley Idaho
5 Sea Blue TBM9 Gillete
6 Sea Blue TBM9 Laramie
7 Sea Blue TBM9 Steamboat Springs
8 Sea Blue TBM9 Pacific City @OV-099
9 VistaJet CL35 Vancouver @Olivia12
10 VistaJet CL35 Castelgar @American367
11 VistaJet CL35 Seattle Boeing Field @Ryan_15
12 Sunwest Aviation CL35 San Jose del Cabo
13 Sunwest Aviation CL35 Cancun
14 HB-CRW CL35 Zurich via KEF @United403
15 Sunwest Aviation CL35 Puerto Vallarta
16 Sunwest Aviation CL35 Cozumel
17 NetJets CL35 Tetorboro
Central Ramp
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1.0 Yellow Xcub Huskey ID72
1.1 Yellow Xcub Star Valley Ranch WY39
1.2 Yellow Xcub Dubois ID U41
1.3 N456DX C172 Cokeville Muni U06
1.4 N1322K C172 Powell Muni
1.5 Civil Air Patrol C172 Dillon MT
1.6 Orange/Gray Xcub Kinky Creek WY30
1.7 Orange/Gray Xcub Henry’s Lake U53
1.8 Yellow/Gray Xcub Lake View MT46
1.9 Orange/Gray Xcub Metzel Creek MT 47
1.10 Yellow Xcub Flying Joseph Ranch 0ID2
1.11 Yellow Xcub Twin Bridges U61
1.12 Red/White Xcub Smiley Creek U87 @Wonderousbuilder641
1.13 Red/White Xcub Weatherby usfs 52U
1.14 Red/White Xcub Stanley 2U7
1.15 Red/White Xcub Upper loon Creek usfs
1.16 Red/White Xcub Indian Creek usfs
1.17 EAA 50th Xcub Bernard usfs
1.18 EAA 50th Xcub Flying B ranch
1.19 EAA 50th Xcub Bozeman Edsall Field
1.20 EAA 50th Xcub Jerry Creek
1.21 EAA 50th Xcub Trapper Creek MT30
1.22 Private SR22 Rainbow Ranch 76U
1.23 Private SR22 Mccarley Fld U02
1.24 Private SR22 Rockford Municipal 2U4
1.25 Private SR22 Hazelton Municipal
1.26 Private SR22 Buhl Muni
1.27 Private SR22 Murphy Hot Springs
1.28 Private SR22 Juniper NV14
1.29 Private SR22 Bolinder Field KTVY
1.30 Brown/White SR22 Grasmer U91
1.31 Brown/White SR22 West Yellowstone
1.32 Brown/White SR22 Lanham Field U85
1.33 Brown/White SR22 Emmett Muni
1.34 Brown/White SR22 High Valley Bills ID35
1.35 Brown/White SR22 Landmark usfs
1.36 Brown/White SR22 Warren usfs
Warbird Hangar
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Warbird 1 Arctic Camo A-10 Hill AFB @Butter575
East Hangars
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1 Private 1 C208 Fort Bridger
2 Private 1 C208 Rawlins
3 Private 1 C208 Torrington
4 Private 1 C208 Thermopolis Muni
5 European Flight Service CL35 London Heathrow via JFK
6 European Flight Service CL35 Porto Via JFK @anon87523340
7 European Flight Service CL35 Dublin via JFK @YT_Sniegutizzz
8 Private 2 C208 Worland Muni
9 Private 2 C208 Johnson Co
10 Private 2 C208 Keyhole 01WY
11 Private 2 C208 Red Lodge
12 Private 2 C208 Mission Fld/Livingston
13 Private 2 C208 Leadore U00
14 Private 2 C208 Oaklet Municipal 1U6
15 Sea Blue TBM9 Boise
16 Sea Blue TBM9 Eagle Colorado @Damian_Lukes
17 Sea Blue TBM9 Rapid City
18 Sea Blue TBM9 Denver Centennial
19 Sea Blue TBM9 Cheyenne Rgnl
Central Hangar homes
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1 IF Dark TBM9 Portland Hillsboro
2 IF Dark TBM9 Walla Walla
3 IF Dark TBM9 Bismark
4 IF Dark TBM9 Canyonlands @YAWspeed
4.1 Yellow Xcub Jerome Co ID
5 IF Light TBM9 Las Vegas Executive
6 IF light TBM9 Coeur D Alene
7 IF Light TBM9 Halifax via YTZ @MANDELA
East Hangar Homes
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
1 IF Dark TBM9 Omaha
2 IF Dark TBM9 Wittman/Oshkosh
3 NetJets Europe CL35 London Stansted *via JFK
4 IF Light TBM9 Black Hills Clyde fld
5 NetJets Europe CL35 London City via JFK @Apple_Haye

Frequency User
Salt Lake Center
Denver Center
Oakland Center
Los Angeles Center

Driggs does not have a ground or tower frequency, so please use Unicom professionally and respectfully

  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun
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Thanks again to @MANDELA for the banners

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I claim this

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Por favor Mr

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Can you switch mine to a CL35 of Netjets

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Good fly out tho.

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